Cane Creek Thudbuster

What do you guys think about the insane supension seat post offered on with a 3’’ travel:

Looks pretty cool for mountain biking, but has anyone actually used it on their unicycle? How do you guys think it would work for Muni?

It works great. You just have to be tall enough to fit the post. Unlike most telescoping suspension post designs, this one is actually shorter. You can’t cut down the telescoping ones because the mechanism runs all the way to the bottom. This one is actually better in that respect.

I have an older Thudbuster post, the Uni-Pivot, on my Carbon MUni. Unfortunately they don’t make that one anymore.

I’ll just add this before someone else has to bring it up – suspension posts are only useful for seated riding. Of course lots of the hard stuff is done standing up. But suspension is great for those long rides where the terrain is bumpy, but doesn’t require standing.

The 3" post requires 144 mm of clearance. Their 2" post requires only 98 mm. of clearance if that’s an issue.

It seems those who ride technical muni don’t like these posts for drops and bib bumps.


Couldn’t you just land on the seat more instead of the pedals? I realize pedaling out of it imediately after a drop could be difficult do to an effectively lower seat hieght. Is this why?

I did this when I got my air saddle and worked great. Changing my technique when switching to a uni w/o the air saddle is difficult though.

Edit: here is thier site:
3" 565-585 grams
2" 440-460 grams

sounds pretty good, im about 5’ 11’’ to 6’ so i think it would work for me. I will probally be buying one for my MUni sometime in the near future. Thank you.

Three main downsides for very technical riding that I can think of

  • It’s even harder to get the seat low enough for trialsy riding
  • Suspension post makes the unicycle heavier
  • lots of pulling up on the seat may damage or break the mechanism

That’s why a suspension post is less useful for serious hardcore hopping around than it is for cruising and rolling. They could also be very nice for road riding, but the other thing to consider is bounce. If you hit a big bump while seated, the post will compress then spring back up. If this happens with your pedal at the bottom of the stroke it can bounce your foot right off. I know this from experience on the Downieville trail…

Yes, I was considering the possibility of putting one on a coker and have a more comfortable ride when really “going the distance”. It seems like weight doesn’t matter as much as MUni or trials riding, and your not hopping around much at all. I used to road bike alot, and Ive heard many good things from people that ride with suspension type seat posts and setups. Now I believe the post would be much more useful for distance uni riding then anything else.