Canberra uncyclists

Hi was wondering if there are any unicyclists from canberra?

I think their are Some riders from down there, I’m from Queensland and haven’t met any, we’ll any that do street or trials, I know there are more but not close by, good luck dude… Keep riding.

I am not from Canberra, but I will be at Canberra next week for a few days. If there are any unicycling activities in the evening, I am happy to join. But I need to borrow a unicycle.

Hey Mate,
I’m not from Canberra either, but I do know there is an active uni hockey club in Canberra, we played them at the Northern Beaches Unicycle Club 1st birthday comp earlier this year.

Uninats and the Asia pacific unicycle championships are also in Canberra this December.

Best of luck with it,


Yep- I’m Canberra based. I ride mainly muni. There is an active unicycle group that meets at Canberra high school every Wednesday night- they mainly focus on hockey and social riding. Canberra will also be hosting the Asia Pacific unicycle championships this year in December.

I am at Canberra now. If I make it (not sure yet) I will show up on Wednesday at the High School canteen. The internet page says during school terms only. Are there school terms now?

I had to change my travel itinerary, leaving Canberra at Wednesday. So unfortunately I will not be able to attend.