Canadian Unicyle Federation

A new organization is hopefully going to be created. Jeff Groves has asked me to try and classify all the canadian riders.

After much screwing around and deleting, I think I got this more or less in order:

Trials riders vote here

Street riders vote here

Freestyle riders vote here

Muni riders vote here

Ask questions here,



you’re far better off making one topic, NOT a poll,

which instructs people to list their riding style, and where in Canada they live.

This way, it can all be kept neatly on one topic, plus it’ll be less hassle on your behalf because you don’t have to search around on the 7 or so different polls you mad.

I would have to answer each poll to fill it out properly and that would mess up your results. Also you didn’t include bc riders, ultimate wheel riders. This system also doesn’t account for the tons of people who are Canadian unicyclists who don’t post on here, a thread where people list their styles of riding and can then speak for others who are not on the forums would be much better.

And since I’m sick of seeing you make more and more crappy threads I will start it here so we don’t need to make another one.

(ps, I got that you were joking about the racist thing, it actualy made me chuckle :p, but I just wanted that thread to die and go to the bottom)

So to start the ball rolling,

I am Nathan Tappin
I live in Ottawa, Ontario
I ride: street

email - ntappin @
msn -

I ride with the Ottawa riders, we aren’t an organized group, just a thread in RSU and we tend to get together every weekend, I think I have probably been to the most rides of anyone in it so far, although Scott may be beating me. I have also been known to occasionaly go to the Nanaimo Park Jugglers meetings and ride with them.

I’d have to agree with Nathan on this one… I’m sure most people don’t only do one type of riding.

Anthony Bergeron
Cornwall, Ontario
I ride:
Giraffe :stuck_out_tongue:

I ride with the Ottawa riders on a regular basis.

there is seven threads abount a Canadian unicycle club and atleast 5 of them are useless. maybe get the other ones deleted. i’m not trying to be mean or anything I am just saying that

Don’t worry, the only reason I havn’t responded in many of them is I hope they fall to the bottom of the pit where they belong.

I am only trying to help. Instead of being a dick, why don’t you find a solution? I tried, but it wasn’t very effective. I’m sorry. But don’t complain about a few polls, it really isn’t worth getting so het up about.