Canadian Unicyle Federation

Vote please if you are in Canada.

I would prefer Association, but I would like this if it took place close to me, e.g. Burlington.

Delete this, I screwed up!

Danni think before you post, please, you are making Canadians look bad.

Let it die…

ntappin, don’t be racist.

Danni… ntappin is making a reasonable point. You have clogged up a chunk of the first page of RSU with useless polls and topics.

And how is ntappin being racist? He’s just saying that what you’re doing now gives Canadians a bad image.

yer so much polls and other crap taking up the first page now

Canadians aren’t a race, we’re a citizenship.

They can go to the back pages. Go to the other thread, and it gives links and stuff. I was joking about the racist part, i forgot the :slight_smile: . What a crime, what a crime.

I feel let down being a Canadian as a whole.