Canadian Unicyclers - Name our Aluminum Frame Brand Contest

Hey Canadian riders, things are starting to develop with the Canadian Unicycling site (although I am still working hard at getting the store and directories in place), and we will be introducing our own line of Aluminum frames ISIS hubs and cranks starting summer 2008.

There is a contest going on to name our brand of unicycles. If your choice is used, you will receive a free frame in the size of your choice (20"-28")

Only names entered in this Canadian Unicycling forum thread will be valid.

Good luck, and think of something cool!

Yet another reason I wish I lived a bit more north.

for some reason the sites blocked on my computer but how bout “about” as the name brand or maybe “perish”

that’s strange, can you get to the root of the site at ?

not really haha im at the library. and no it wont let me go there either. Ill put my name in when i get home

wow this is cool…can you think/post more than 1 name of your choice? Or does everyone just have 1 chance to submit a name?


‘technically’ no.

as long as you are registered on the site, you can submit as many names as you wish

keep 'em coming!

it is now…they are supposed to automatically activate…sometimes they don’t :thinking:

So many possibilities.

7.SL (soo light)
Dude I could keep goin on. I think it all depends on what kind of an image your trying to get across to your customers. If it were my call. I’d be goin hardcore. 100% made in Canada and its badass. Kris already has the whole “evolution of balance” thing and koxx has the drug theme:D So why not think of something that says, this frame Is Canadian and its just plain better than yours. No apologies. Ima keep thinking of some more. This is fun.

Umm… I registered but it won’t let me login…

Chinook could be a sweet frame name.

Haha, I already used it.

“Feather Maple” An actual Canadian can post that if you so like. Just dont forget about ol’ Sam here.

Any news on a release date?