canadian team for ride the lobster?

i hope Fifa u-20 hasn’t taught us anything

which canadians are planning to race?

Seemingly none, from the slow response. I grew up in southern Canada (i.e. upstate New York), and was drinking Molson Brador before I was old enough to drive. Does that qualify?

Have you ever used the word ‘toque’ in a sentence?

I am, eh!

awesome…looks like we have a winning team whether you find any teammates or not!

I’ve seen Vince in action. I’d advise any Canadians to get down with his bad a$$.

Vince, if you get no takers, maybe Roland and I can get with you and make a NY/Quebec team! :slight_smile:

I’m looking for people to ride with for RTL.

the only sucky part is that I’m in newfoundland, so while I have almost the perfect training regimen, it sucks to meet up with other riders.

get in touch if you need someone though :slight_smile:

email is better than pm -

I was kind of hoping to participate - though not currently a Canadian I am planning to move to BC, probably shortly before the Lobster, so I guess technically I will be a UK national resident in Canada.:slight_smile: Will that count ??

I’m pretty sure a team from BC is in the works… one of the riders will probably find this thread sooner or later :slight_smile:

I worked for years as a professional cook, so not only used toque in a sentence, but wore toque on my head pretty much daily.

Unfortunately, it looks like as soon as a southern Canadian expressed interest, the northern Canadians felt threatened and decided to show their faces. :wink: Guess I’ll have to try to con my way onto a US team.

Tom Tom Tom, tsk tsk tsk…

so not only used toque in a sentence, but wore a toque on my head pretty much daily

Go Team BC!

There are three of us in BC that are tentatively planning to Ride the Lobster, myself, Yggy King, and Todd Sankey. My only issue is lack of vacation time, as my wife and I are also booked in to ride UniNam next March.

I hope there are many more Canadians planning on riding with Team BC.

Hah! Caught me… I guess that seals it; you must be Miss Ayelery’s alter ego.

Figgers a Canadian would zero in on the missing “a”, eh? :wink:

that’s great!

It might be a good idea to look at teams of 4 riders. Looks like you can switch whenever you want, so, the more bodies, the better, right?

I’m trying to talk a couple of guys into joining my team, but one of them is having neck surgery, and the other has to train on his 20" Onza.

the corse is going right by my house :slight_smile:

Found it! I’m planning to ride with a couple other BC natives (that’s British Columbia, eh?) … but one of our valiant trio may be dropping out for more exotic riding in Mexico. If you’re interested, drop me a line,


Hey Max!

I thought 3 riders was the largest team size. Are they changing this?

I’m still planning on competing but I have a lot of work to do to get race ready. Between injuries, month long canoe/hiking trips and non-understanding bosses I haven’t got much riding in since April.

Im still looking for one more person to forum a team. I plan on moving to Nova Scotia next May once my classes are done.