Canadian place to get BOTH KH trials unis

I finally found a place that can get me the non-splined version of the new KH signature trials uni. It should be here on Monday, May 26th (not that I keep track…). I had my dad order it with his credit card from You have to call in orders to a toll free 1-877 #. The guy on the phone knew everything about that uni, or he had the specs in front of him. You can get the splined or non-splined version. The non-splined one is $299 CAD and the splined version is $699 CAD.

Just thought I’d let all you nice people know.

Funny. When I go there, I get an add for creating your own spaces.

How long ago did Cambie Cycles have a web page up and running?

Yup, Cambie is a good source for some uni stuff but check your order carefully as they are not as familiar with the single wheeled vehicles as the are with the two and three wheeled modes of transport.

Orders have been known go missing and get mixed up and delays are not uncommon. CC is a good start on getting access to good uni’s in Vancouver but there is still room for improvement.


Missing orders? I sure hope mine is okay… Hear that unicycle? Mail yourself well…

I guess I’ll know when I get it.

*Sorry, I screwed up that link up there. I put a period after “.com” accidentally. Thank you for correcting me!

Just to let you know that I have lots of Kris Holm unicycles in stock.

I stock Kris Holm splined hub/crank sets in 140mm and 175mm.

I stock wheel sets as well.
19" and 24" Kris Holm hub/cranks, Alex rims and DT Champion spokes.

I have lots of Kris Holm unicycle seats too.
All-Black seats only right now.

All in stock and ready to pick-up or ship.

By the way, less money than anywhere else too !
No better deal on one wheel.


Bedford Unicycles

That said, whenever I have the choice it is Bedford all the way. It is sweet that CC is giving uni’s a retail try but no one in Canada can provide the advice and range of uni stuff that Darren does.

… and he never loses or confuses order(s) :wink:


(Uh…sorry. This was a user glitch that I can’t delete. My apologies for the clutter…)

…not that we are bitter or anything.


Don’t worry, Erin: if I break my wrist MUni-ing today without the Harbringers that Cambie Cycles “forgot” to put in my order on April 16th (and have sadly failed to reorder for me since), I’ll just barrel into their swanky shop and run over their toes.




I now stock Harginger wrist-wrap gloves too !
I have lots of 661 arm and leg armour in stock.

I will also stock Kris Holm armour when it is available.



I can’t believe that non-splined KH that unisteve is talking about is so cheap!

After reading this thread, I am really considering buying that KH on the Cambey website, but I am skeptical, because the picture on the website of that non-splined signature 20" is the one they use on for the 24" KH.

Unisteve, please post something about your new unicycle when it arrives! I am excited to hear about its specifications and performance.