Canadian buying a uni

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I was just wondering if anyone knew where the cheapest place to buy a Torker DX Trials uni for someone living in Canada…

also if you know of any major (or minor) weaknesses with said unicycle

am also looking at the Koxx One White Widow but not sure if i have enough money for it, though it seems division8 is the best place for that for Canadians.


It will cost about $400 CAD to get a Torker DX 20" to your door from

When I ordered mine, I was stupid and didn’t ask about how much duty fees were… if I knew it was going to be over $400 at the time… I would have just saved up and bought a KH20, or a Koxx-One. has way better prices on Koxx-one than HB. Another good place is always, or actualy Municycle is in germany but shipping is strangely cheap from germany compared to the US. Also I find orders from Germany come way faster than from the US for almost no reason.

I would probably recomend getting something from MDC if you want something cheap and good, or from Bedford if you want something Canadian.

Another thing is that Torker DX really isn’t the best deal anymore, its heavy, the frame is pretty crap compared to others out there, and will probably end up costing you at least 400 bucks.

You can get the Nimbus trials from MDC for about 300 plus shipping and duty fees. Which will probably come out to 400 (yeah I know its the same price as the DX) but it will probably get there faster, and its much better.

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Ok well I’ve reconsidered the Torker but am still most likely going to be on a budget…so now i’m thinking either a

20 Inch Trials Qu-ax


20 Inch Nimbus ISIS Trials

I am still being tempted by the Koxx One white widow but kinda just dreaming

anyway your thoughts on which of those two is the better deal would be appreciated…

I would go with the Nimbus, its cheaper and I think they are pretty much about the same in quality, although the nimbus has a wider rim which most people prefer.

i’d recomend this one

The mdc edition of the qu-ax has a 45mm rim (3mm wider than the nimbus KH05 rim) - has stronger cranks and has a nice gusseted seatpost. I think its worth the extra money. ALso you get some very nice metal pedals (jimi C’s)

Only downside is the 48spoke but you get a stronger wheelbuild.

Ok cool, thanks guys.

quick innocent question though, why is 48 spokes a downside?

oh yeah…and sorry for posting the same links, i figure you noticed that though

48 spokes makes the wheel a bit stronger, but the main problems are these :

  • 48 spokes is not as common as 36, so the hub/rim/spokes cant be reused if you decide you want to move to a KH moment or a nimbus ISIS crankset for example. However its very unlikely you’d want to change the crankset tbh and if you were going to you’d probably change your rim as well.

  • 48 spokes makes the wheel abit heavier. It doesnt really matter, and loads of really good riders ride qu-ax and they dont have a problem, i think its probably more of a mental issue, and you can always claim that more weight = more muscle. But the few more spokes dont really make much difference in weight tbh.Some people do like a very light uni though.

Apart from that there arent any dissadvantages i can think of.


domdom2000: Bedford Unicycles. ( Canadian company = costs less for shipping + no duty fees.

Less in shipping + no duties = more money to spend on your ride.

I had Darren build up my trials unicycle for less than what it looks like you would spend on a torker DX. And it’s sweet & everyone loves Chicklet (Chicklet = my trials uni)

Give Darren a ring or send him an e-mail.

You could try bedford or just get the nimbus

you could try Bedford of the NImbus ISIS

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Just to let you all know I went with the nimbus…and I enjoy it very much, thanks for the help

Just remember that when a unicycle comes across the border you should expect to pay about 30 percent in border fees. You may get lucky and be charged nothing but most likely you will be spending an additionaly 25-30 percent when it crosses the border.