Canadian Boarder Duty Charges

Has any one out there recently brought a Torker DX 20 or 24 into Canada? And if so would you you be willing to say what percentage you were charged for duty at the border?
Thanks Harley

i’ve ordered a 24" onza from UDC and it costed $180 extra for it! :angry: so it will probly cost a bit

It depends if there is a broker fee from the shipping company.
I just drove my new giraffe across today and I got charged the gst and pst only. (for me the value of all goods was $200 USD and I got charged $35 CDN for taxes)

I have dealt alot with bringing stuff across the border, this is what I have found.

If you ship through UPS they charge hidden fees such as broker fees, these range in my experience from 30-45 dollars canadian.

I payed 30 dollars in broker fees on my 661’s and a friend of mine payed 45 on his torker DX

This can be avoided by using USPS or Canada Post instead of a private company.

If you ship through UPS or USPS you will get hit with tax, this varies depending on the value listed on the item. I believe if you live in Ontario that it is 15% if listed above 30 dollars and 7 point something if it is between 15-30 dollars.

This can be avoided by having the sender list the item as worth less than what you payed or having them send it as a gift (the gift issue may have limitations depending on the worth of the product and I will know tommorrow whether or not the value of 150 will be covered as a gift).

I will update this tommorrow when I pick up my hub and cranks but if you have any other questions such as the different tax percentages check out the revenue Canada website.

This is why I buy from Bedford’s :smiley:

Customs Fees

Thanks all for your input.

harley, where in canada are you from?

I’m located in Saskatoon Sask.

Never a problem if you order from Darren. :smiley:

Another vote for Bedford here. Both he and UDC have made it into my good books no problem. Except he has no border fees. I recommend him whenever I can to other canadians :smiley:

Thanks for the info re: Bedford. I as well have heard good things about Darren. As I did not see “Torkers” listed on the Bedford page I was under the impression that he did not stock them. I will have to get in touch with him and see if he is able to supply the DX models.

i dont think darren supplies dx’s he has his brand, and KH but he may be able to get one fof you