Canada: Where and all the unicyclist?

do we know eachother yet?
i ride a lot of muni at mount fromme. But with the weather the way it is now, i might stick to urban trials.

do you commute a lot? because i see a guy on a nimbus 36’er riding down adanac every now and then.

I haven’t seen many other unis (other than at meetings), but I’ve been asked countless times if I’m the one riding over the Lions Gate bridge every day on a big wheel (it ain’t me though).

@evil-nick I have no idea. I work at TRIUMF. I get to shoot proton beams. I don’t actually have to anything to do with the rest of UBC.

@Jkohse I am at Acadia. I haven’t seen anyone else while I was riding. but someone to ride with would be cool. my daughter loves my uni, but hates waiting for me when she rides her bike.I am currently on Vacation(new baby) but my commute consists of almost 2km to the bottom of the hill. :smiley:

I wish I had a 36".

We all hide in caves and under rocks.

I try shooting proton beams, but I keep missing. :smiley: