Canada: Where and all the unicyclist?

I have been mislead. I spent the last two days in Ottawa and have not seen one unicyclist! From the discussion board I thought Canada was crawling with unicyclist. Where are they all hiding? :roll_eyes:

I have been busy and would not have had time for any riding, but I am curious. Are there a larger percent of unicyclists in Canada than in the US? It looks like Canada and Britain are well represented on Do you see people on the street unicycling often?

Depend’s whereabout’s you are, eh?

Muck Muck city doesen’t have too many riders…

Where are you?

In the army we used to say that time spent in RECCE is seldom wasted. There is a club in Ottawa and non-club riders too. My son has a Bedford 24 and lives about 1 km from the parliament buildings. Had you been driving from Ottawa to Toronto, you could have stopped off and ridden with me! Seeing a unicyclist on the street is a rare thing anywhere I have been in USA, Canada or Europe.

Ottawa is great… I’m going to ride there later today, actually.

we’re supposedly going to be 6 people… We’ll see how it turns out…

I figure, that proportionately, Canada has a fair amount of riders, even on the roster…

Percentage wise, It’s not that bad, we just dont hang out here as much.

Ottawa Unicyclists

I was out for two hours today - from Westboro to the National Art Centre and back. I’m out most weekends and one or two nights a week. We do exist

Given that we’re under 4 feet of snow for much of the year… :wink:

There is a high number of unicyclists in the SF Bay Area, where I live. I’ve never seen a single unicyclist (other than myself and my future son-in-law).

I live in Gatineau, witch is like 5 minutes from Ottawa. There’s a couple of riders here in Gatineau, and some in Ottawa too. I’ve never seen another unicyclist ride while I wasn’t there:p

I live over here in Calgary and there’s a fair amount I suppose, my friends say they’ve seen a few but the only time I’ve ever seen one is when I was riding myself in banff:)

I travel on occasion but rarely add enough time to schedule a unicycle ride. I should try to arrange things in advance as there do appear to be unicyclist in Ottawa. I now back in California after spending most of the day at O’Hare.

Ottawa was a pretty city this weekend. It looks like riding along the canal would make a pleasant outing. I would probably find it unreasonably cold in a month. :roll_eyes:


I thought he was your daughter’s boyfriend. Have thing been progressing on the home front? :slight_smile:

I see unicyclist around Irvine that I do not know, but I am meeting more of them. There is an active club in the area.

It was great riding this weekend! I plan to go to the Gatineaus in the next few weeks to enjoy the fall colours. If you ever come back to Ottawa and want to unicycle drop me a line

Anyone from around the Ottawa area should join the Ottawa Unicyclists group on Facebook. I’m going to try to set up more consistant rides.

more and more really talented riders popping up on the west coast these days.

I bet you could drive all around the Twin Cities area for a week and not see a unicyclist. That’s the home of the largest unicycle club in the United States.

Hey, If you go ride anywhere in Gatineau/Ottawa, PM me, I’m in Gatineau I will ride with you anytime you want!:smiley:

im a canadian unicyclist but it seems no one unicycles around where i live. they’re all in Toronto, which is still an hour aways,

I was a Canadian unicyclist, now I’m an Arkansanian unicyclist :frowning: I’ll bring a uni up the next time we visit though (Ottawa is one of our favorite visiting spots :))

in Vancouver I have seen 3 other people on unis.

I have seen one girl on a 36".
and I have seen a Guy that commutes on his uni.
and I forget where I saw the other guy.

while I Ride some of the people I bump into on Campus(I live and work at UBC), a couple of guys said that they know other people that goto work on unis on campus.

Does Kris Holm still teach there? He was an assistant prof I think…