Canada Post

I bought some leg & arm armor off ebay and the guy I bought them from a guy who lives in Toronto. He sent me the tracking number and when I look it up it says it hasn’t moved since February 14. Is Canada Post always this slow?


Its probably not being sent by Canada Post if there is a tracking number. I have not heard of Canada Post using tracking numbers* - they are most commonly related to courier companies like UPS.

*But then again, ya never know!

It could be that it got held up in customs. That is if you are in the States and it is coming from Canada. The tracking number is most likely for Priority Courier or Xpress Post, both are Canada Post methods of shipping. Maybe you can give Canada Post a call to find out why it is just sitting and not moving.

Well, I’ve been tracking it at The tracking number is CX 009 941 068 CA.

I’ll give it a couple more days and see what happens.


Re: Canada Post

Also note that Canada Post XpressPost is actually USPS once it crosses the
border so it might be their fault or perhaps the transition between the two
companies didn’t work out so well.


Hmm…I guess they just don’t keep their tracking numbers up-to-date, because it came yesterday!

My arms seem to be kinda scrawny for the arm armor, but the leg armor’s the part I really wanted anyway and it fits.


I’m glad that you got your armour. I know the arms are funny in how they are sized. I think they are ment to be on your bare arms. They might fit better that way. But they are sort of on the small side. I don’t normally use the arms. I usually just use the legs for Trials and Trails. I hope you like them.
How much was it on E-Bay if you don’t mind me asking?

I don’t mind. :slight_smile: It’s the Nuke Proof armor, which is supposed to be just like Roach but I heard the nylon is a little thinner. Size medium. I got it for $42, plus $8 shipping. I paid the insurance, too, just in case, so it came to $54. Which I think isn’t bad for arm and leg armor. It’s about the same as I would have paid for Sixsixone legs w/shipping. Plus, my birthday’s in a couple weeks so it’s my birthday present early from my mom. So I didn’t actually have to pay for it. :slight_smile:


It was brand new, BTW.


Thanks for the info Nikki. It sounds like you got a very good deal. Happy Birthday in advance.

Must be the customs or something. My unicycle from Darren Bedford shipped on the 6th, didn’t arrive till today. Was suppose to be here on the 19th or so. I really like it btw :smiley: