Can you use a MUni for other things?

I’m thinking about what my next unicycle will be…
I have a 24 " ‘classic’ unicycle.
I am interested in MUni and street.
Since the MUni standard is 24 " (isn’t it?) i wonder if you can use a 24 " Muni for street.
Another question is , can you use a Muni for freestyle tricks, like wheel walking and so on without difficulty?

Btw, should I wish it for christmas so I can ride in the snow? :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Can you use a MUni for other things?

My ‘standard’ MUNi is my 29’er, followed by the Coker- it’s what I ride off-road the most. Not the easiest to do tricks on though.

My 24’ MUNi is really slow so that’s what I do street and trials with. WW is great on a 24’. I actually find the fat tyre easier to WW than the smaller tyre on my 20’

Don’t wait till X-mas to ride in the snow- fly south :stuck_out_tongue:


p/s I managed to WW my Coker 2m last week- heh heh!

I have a Qu’ax Cross 24" unicycle. It is really véry good to ride off-road.
And when I’m riding distances, I can also go fast. Just more energy!
But what I like most of all, is to climb on hills and mountains. And with a 24" it goes very good!

So, it just depends on what you’d like to do…

I used my 24X3 muni for racing today at a uni jamboree, and did a 100 meter, 400 meter, and 100 x 4 relay. It worked pretty well. While I was unable to keep up with my adult peers on 24s, I was able to soundly trounce a group of Level 1 elementary school kids on 16s and 20s. That’ll teach 'em…

Yeah Tom!!! That was awsome. You totally wasted thoes little kids. Betcha it makes you feel like a big man. :slight_smile:
Way to go!


of course you can use a Muni for other things, a Muni slices it dices it chops and hops and even shakes it like a polaroid picture

excuse me for sounding like an idiot in the above sentence about Munis.

So if I get this right, a Muni can take me from me suburban California home, through the park, over the benches, through the rockies, to a diner, make me a sandwich, take me to the Vatican, be ordained, fly through the ranks to the college of Cardinals, be elected pope, and be pontiff of the church until it gets a flat tire or the frame breaks?


(Sorry, I’m doing a biography on the pope for history. I know a bit too much about church politics right now).

All unicycles are a compromise. You have three main variables: crank length, wheel diameter and tyre section, and a number of secondary factors such as tread pattern, pedal type and so on.

A MUni is a unicycle optimised for off road use, so you’ll have fairly long cranks (giving power rather than speed), a medium sized wheel (24 or 26 would be common, giving good “rollover” without making the gearing too high), and a fat tyre (which cushions drops, and smooths out bumps on the trail). Typically, the tyre is quite knobbly for traction, and the pedals are pinned.

You can use a MUni on the road in the same way that you can drive a Land Rover on the motorway, and do freestyle on it in the same way as you can do your weekly shopping on a tractor. Possible doesn’t mean ideal.

Too much road riding on a good Muni tyre will wear the knobbles off the tyre, and wear you out because that same tyre makes riding harder work. It will take you longer to get anywhere because of the long cranks.

You can have several setups of the same wheel size:
slick vs. knobbies
145mm cranks vs. 170mm
high pressure vs. low
2.10" vs. 3" (tire width)
24" vs 26" wheel (very inconvient, but you can change the rim and spokes).

With variations, you should be able to make the same unicycle good for most riding (freestyle, trials, cross-country, extreme off-road). I think a 24" is the most useful (but it would be nice if there were Profile cranks short enough to make it fast enough to keep up with Cokers; I guess one can simply use another wheelset for that).

Re: Re: Can you use a MUni for other things?

about half a revolution on a Coker then:p

Thank you for the information :slight_smile:

I will make this summer with my current unicycle, but maybe I get a new one next year.

The only problem with buying a MUni is that it isn’t so much fun to ride alone in the woods, since I don’t know any other unicyclists :’( (Any unicyclists from Helsinki in this forum :stuck_out_tongue: ? )

Btw, what do you street unicyclists use?

Just a tip: I have been found by a few other local unicyclists from this forum because i had my location listed below my name. Just click the ‘user cp’ button on the top of the page and ‘edit profile’. It never hurts. :slight_smile:

In my opinion, think about if you’ll do MUni or street more often. If you’ll do street more, then get a 20". You can also use it for MUni. A 24" Muni is harder to do street with because of the weight.

To find people in your area, check out and click on Unicycle Roster.

Can you use a MUni for other things?

I just received a Nimbus 24" Muni. Everything that Mikefule and tomblackwood say about 24" munis is so true. I have been riding a 20" Torker since Christmas on the side street. When the new Muni came, I took it down the street to try it out. It required more energy to ride even though the tire is bigger, because of the 3" size and knobbys.
I got to try it out at the local park yesterday. Lots of energy got used, my quads were killing me after a short time of riding. But I was able to ride on the dirt trails, loose stones and grass. Something that would send me sprawling on the 20" street machine.
Freemount pressure is also completely different between the 2 unis. Takes a few tries to get used to how to mount.

I personally think the muni is the ultimate all-around machine. They’re great for trials, even if riding rails is slightly harder and you can’t hop quite as high. It’s still easier to gap onto and off skinnies. Then, when it comes to stree they’re faster than 19" or 20", so you can hit bigger rolling hops. They have a wider choice of tires, so you can have variety, anywhere from the fireball to the hookworm to the Intense DH to the Gazzaloddi. Then they arew the best for off-road, and on road you just get a fireball and put 28p.s.i. in it and you’ve got a street uni. Then, while you’re on the street you can go and wheelwalk and then glide. You haven’t glided until you’ve glided a fireball:) . Basically, a muni works all around, and is the best if you can only have one ride. The problem with trials unis for off-road is that the pedals bottom out way too easily.

I could have a 29er for my 2.1 mile commute to school each day, but I use a 24" fireball because it’s beter on the hills, I can do trials while I’m at it, and it takes light off-road and gliding great. 24" and if yolu’re tall 26" munis are the best all-around, no question in my mind.