Can you name anymore street/trials tricks than the 1s i got so far

Even if some of these arnt quite street and trials but there still pretty cool tricks but yer try and name STREET & TRIALS tricks.
This is what i got so far-

backflip dismount
legrap x2 and x3
kick-up mount
jump mount
suicide mount
side jump mount
180 unispin mount
360 unispin mount
180 unispin
360 unispin
540 unispin
720 unispin
pedal grab
crank grab
Tyre grab
ride on THIN ledge
SIF Riding
SIF Hoppin
No hand bunnyhopping
backflip (reverse crankflip)
2x backflip
3x backflip
2x crankflip
3x cranflip
small spin
big spin
huge spin
Full Varil flip
Double variamnts
wall plant
wall stall
no footer
rolling hop
backwards rolling hop
riding backwards and doing reverse crankflip
riding backwards and doing a crankflip
suck hop
swapping rail when grinding
seatwhip 360 off table top
reverse seatwhip 360
seatwhip 720
reverse seatwhip 720
Heres another weird differentseat whip on the ground
onefoot riding
onefoot rollon mount
onefoot idiling
180 (not unispin)
360 (not unispin)
-concrete and wooden blocks
-urban stuff

thats about all i can name can you name anymore?

would an x-up be the same as a shifty? probably a silly question but oh well.:smiley:

and do you have one-footers and zero-plants?

one-footer’s more freestylish but i guess i could add that and no i dont have zero plants, ill add that

not one-foot riding, but flinging one foot off the pedal when dropping sets etc.
It’s like half a no-footer.

You missed: Giant Spin (or other names): 180 twist with 720 unispin.

I’m sure there is others, and variations on many of the ones you have, such as 180/360 crankflip/double/tripple etc



Its not humanly possible to name all tricks. First off you missing things like 180 flip, 360 flip etc, 180 backflip etc. Fakieflip, 180 fakieflip etc.

Things like seat drops and leg wraps arnt street, their flat. Unless you do them in a street enviroment, leg wrap grind etc.

And if your going to have backflip dismount (I’m guessing the backbody flip).
Then it would only be fair to be name every other move and add a “dismount” to the end on it.

X-up flip, smallflip, small fakieflip, inward flip, inward fakieflip, ETC. There are faaaaaar too many tricks to name.

Edit: Hickback, treyback, hickfakie, treyfakie. I could go on all day.

Then theres doing everything in switch and/or blind.

And of course you can do things like hickflip mount, 540 mount, body varial mount etc…

Feel free to try name everything though. That would be quite challenging.

He ment Ariel one footers in mid air. Not one-foot riding.


the record for unispins is 1440 i think an you forgot 90 unispin

the record for unispin is 900.

the 1440 is a video someone edited up.

oh, and you forgot 270s, 450s and every other to tire, and from tire trick. (plus, you need to name from and to tire on each of those too).

then the step over stuff, no footer seat whips, and other such tricks.

then there are the tricks people have intented - and not landed.

oh, sej flips also.

theres a lot more still. I’m gonna try and name ones…

If you didn’t know, My old user name was Uni Tricks so aka this is me and I made it a while ago. Personally I’ve got quite a few more that I have written down and I’m combining every combo e.g- 360 unispin to blind blunt (grind) and theres hunrdreds and hundreds more lol…

craziest trick i think.:slight_smile: