Can you learn without help?

I would like to give the uni a try.

All the FAQs suggest that the best way to learn is with help from others for balance, etc.

It will be pretty hard for me to find that in my remote area.

My question:

Is it possible to (or likely) that I could learn all by myself?

What would be a suggested method?

New to Uni
BFE, Texas

I had absolutely no help what so ever, internet, others, nothing.

It only took 10 hours, but with all the help that is available, it’ll probably take you even less.

Simple trial and error, you soon to realize why you fell off, if not neccassarily how to prevent it. But it all comes together nicely.

Give yourself about an hour or so each time, enough to get on a roll, but not really enough time to become frustrated.

Try to learn without the assistance of leaning on anything, you will become a much better rider much faster than if you lean on something to get you going.

Keep at it, and post back here with your progress, or to ask any specific advice.

We’ve all been there!

I also learned 110% on my own…
Just try it for a good 15 hours and the next thing you know you’ll be riding…

you just need the help of a wall or a fence.

where do you live in TX?


I learned having never seen a unicycle prior to the one I bought and having never seen one being ridden (except on tv). Alls it took was one week of trying one hour a day.

As you can see, lots of people here learned without help. Klaas Bil and I havewritten a little instructional thing on how to unicycle. It covers riding, idling, freemounting, turning, and some other things that I’ve forgotten about. If you want a copy tell me your email address and I’ll send you one.

Good luck,

That’s what you should do.

I also never saw anyone ride it in person, cept maybe at the country fair… don’t remember. A week or two of practicing every chance I could and I was riding.

I learned w/o anyone around. It can be done.

BFE, Texas?

EBF, Texas I have heard of. If your in east bumble that would explain why nobody is around to help you learn.

Welcome to the world of one wheels “NewtoUni”. Like the others above, I also leaned totally by myself. Eventhough it was 33 years ago, I remember it as yesterday. Now all three of my daughters ride too (but I helped them learn).

Practice is all it takes. I did not use any walls or supports. I had a 5" tall wooden box that was turned up-side down. I would stand on the box, and place a foot on the back pedal. Then I would just step up with the other foot and ATTEMPT to ride. I did this 100’s of times per/day. The box prevented the unicycle from going backward, a definate plus for learning. As the days progressed, I would ride further and further. I feel that learning like this manner takes longer, but also results in a smoother and more stable rider than those who learn with support. This is just my opinion.

Have fun learning. Hope to meet you one day at a Muni fun ride. --chirokid–

Personally, I didn’t like learning against a wall. I felt I was depending on the wall too much. Instead, I used a pole to establish my balance and would try to ride away from it. It took a while to get more then one pedal stroke away, but I think I learned faster this way then I would have if I used a wall.

Just a thought.

I learned mostly by myself, but had about 45 minutes with unicyclists at the beginning. For me, learning with a wall or something to lean against was the best method.

I <3 the narrow halls in my residence and my floormates for either ignoring my wheel banging into their closed doors and making a loud sound, or being out of their rooms when it happened :slight_smile:

I learned to ride while holding onto the side of a parked car. This gave me the chance to go about 3 feet assisted, then try to ride unassisted from there. The first time I got it, it felt like a dream, like I was flying. You’ll never forget the feeling, and you’ll be addicted for life!

Re: Can you learn without help?

Where’s that?

Re: Can you learn without help?

On Wed, 4 Feb 2004 20:50:30 -0600, newtouni
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>Is it possible to (or likely) that I could learn all by myself?
Sure it is possible, it just takes a little longer. See

>What would be a suggested method?
See my tips for beginners (that were put online just yesterday) at
<>. It includes a link to the
Word document that Andrew Carter mentioned.

Welcome to the wonderful world of uni!

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I have a feeling you might need two points of contact with the ground for such a thing to work? Or at least training wheels on the front and rear. - John Foss commenting on a picture of a one-wheeled vehicle he saw on RSU.

when I started, I used a wall to get started, and then rode away from it to avoid depending on it. That was all the help I had when I learned.

Shortly after starting you don’t need a wall or anything to lean on. My sister started 2 days ago and is already going a few feet.

I never saw another unicyclist for 15 years after I learned on my own.

Half an hour or so a night for a week. Just mount against a wall or post, then try to ride away. Count the pedal strokes. Relax. Weight on seat. Commit yourself: lean slightly forwards before you pedal. Only ever fall off forwards. Good luck.

I can ride but I wouldn’t mind a copy of that Andrew, there will always be tips even on the basics that will make me better… although I can’t idle yet, but not really trying, learning to ride backwards first.

Anyway try and figure out my e-mail from this, if you can’t I might just screw it and write it here, but I’d rather not get too much spam. It’s just letters and an underscore so if you see numbers, constitue the letter for that, ie 0 = o , 1 = i . Here it goes:

r0bb1e_mcm at h0tma1l dot c0m

Hey Robbie,

It’s probably easier to just download from Klaas’ site (see his post in this thread.


Your site is looking great…very well set out and clear.


Ahhh thanks Andrew, I didn’t see that before, didn’t know I could download it from a website.

So thanks Andrew and Klaaaaaa…aaa…aaaa…woteva Bill :wink: