Can you install disk brakes on any unicycle?

Hello, I was wondering if you could install a disk brake on any unicycle. This is because I really want a disk brake but I don’t want to spend 650$ on a Nimbus Oracle. Instead, I was wondering if I could install a disk brake on the nimbus muni here:


There is a disc ready one available for $40 more with the bearing clamp, and the disc compatible hub
The disc ready version would be a better bet
$30 bearing clamp + new hub + wheel rebuild will end up being much more expensive than $40.

You can also go with the D-brake adaptor and KH Spirit cranks. But then again, KH cranks aren’t cheap.

Or buy a d brake and some spirit cranks and add whichever disc brake you were thinking.

Edit: Flans beat me to it.

What adapter do I use for the nimbus frame?


but they are so good! : ]