Can you flip?

I just always imgined this happening on a unicycle. Go off on quarter pipe, and just flip. has it been done?





on there is a guy who does a backflip off his uni. Does that count?


I’m quite sure it’d be impossible, simply because you can’t get any very high speeds on a uni.

I’ve done it on my muni - but never intentionally. And it always hurts like crap.

Oh, you mean like a trick.

Cha, right.

watch the end of this video there is a flip


quite liked that video.

what song is that, its well catchy!!


Many people can do a standing backflip on flat ground (not on a cycle); absolute speed isn’t a requirement, rotation speed is, and there’s no reason we couldn’t get good rotation speed on a unicycle, with practice.

that’s true, but generally people tuck when they flip. which is quite undoable on a unicycle. and you can only do a seat in static hop about two feet, whereas a human can standing hop on your feet about, eh, four feet, or so.

A standing backflip on a unicycle would be quite difficult, but I think it is within the realm of possibility. A backflip in other contexts (such as while riding forward over a kicker on a downslope, or just off a drop) seems well within the reach of riders we already know. There are people who can jump over a meter high.

i wonder what leval that would be classified under? :thinking:

pfft, if that counts ive done a hole bunch o flips from stand up wheel walks!

Hello im the person that does the backsumi and the backflip off my unicycle. Whats the trick you want to do on a half pipe?

I once tried a front sumi on a trampete but i think its possible to do riding fast and jump down the half pipe and do a summersault with the unicycle. I use a climbing harness for keeping the unicycle with me :slight_smile:

Whats on the video? im using a really slow 56k so i cant download big videos


nothing good it was a joke


unicyclepa what was that song used on the video?

I always thought that the most theoretically probable flip wouldn’t be the backflip on a uni, but the front flip. You could launch off of a pretty good sized drop, tuck and roll. That’d be cool if you had a foam pit to practice doing it into, like what I’ve seen on TV for extreme sports that are hosted at camp woodward…

this is all theoretical, however.


frontfilp= cant see your landing

Oh yeah…haha. This is of course coming from a person who’s never done a flip on anything. I’ve seen a bmx rider (and there are just a couple) do a front flip…and it looked like the motion allowed him to tuck more than a backflip.

I was thinking about the motion and how it would be more easily controlled, because who hasn’t gone head over heals at least once in their lives…But you’re right. It’s not worth it if you can’t even see where you’re going to land, which is vital for unicycling/direct drive.