Can you find what's wrong with this UDC photo?



Is the frame backwards?

that’s not a kh saddle?

Could be. Either that or something else. Really close.

Tire on backwards? lol

The pedals are backwards which means the left crank is on the right side and the right crank is on the left side.

There are, however, some people who prefer to ride with the pedals backwards so they’ll take the pedals apart, put the right pedal body on the left spindle and the left pedal body on the right spindle. Could be like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is not a splined hub that’s on there! And those are long freaking cranks.

The spokes were laced by me :slight_smile:


hey, yeah!

i should be in the picture?

the UDC stickers are on the outside of the frame?


Yes, the frame is on backwards. Look at the back of the seatpost tube and you can see part of the yuni sticker on it.

Yeah. And there is a rectangular gap in the seat-post clamp.

Why would anyone want to do that? Aren’t all L/R pedals identical axcept for the internals? :thinking:

This is for pedals that have the offset parallelogram design rather than the square block design that is common for freestyle pedals. The offset parallelogram design is such that it will automagically flip the pedal to be flat under your foot no matter how you step on it.

The left and right pedal bodies for the offset parallelogram design are mirror images of each other. The left and right sides are different.

There is an Arizona rider, who did the Creative Gecko unicycles, who rides with the pedals backwards (right pedal on left spindle). He says it makes the pedal less likely to roll under your foot. So your foot is more stable on the pedal and gets better grip. I haven’t actually tried it myself, but the theory is sound.

The seat looks crooked too.

Or is it just the seat (and photo composition) that are backward?

thats a miyata seat right? if so, does anybody want to sell me one they might have? heh

pm me if by any chance there is one for sale