can you do tricks on a Muni?

can you do tricks on a 24" Muni? :thinking:

No, you’re only allowed to ride in a straight line.

MUnispin (180), 8 stair set, leg around thingy, kickup mount, ww (barely) seat bounce, crank rev, one footer backwards. mostly just hardcore MUni with drops and all the tech stuff.

Go to Youtube and type in kris holm.

On my Muni I can:

180 unispin
360 unispin
leg around
double leg around
sidehop like 45cm

That’s about it though…

I’ve only tried and done crankflips and 180 unispins. I was thinking about making a street + muni mixed vid for the video comp but I’m not sure if I will.

Why do you ask, my son? What is the source of your confusion?

Regarding your quote: “It is better to be an open sinner than a false saint” - Of course, it is best to be neither. :roll_eyes:

I have done a crankflip, a backflip, a late backflip, a fakieflip, and an in-in treflip on my Muni.

It’s much harder than on a 20" though…

that was funny!

Why stop at 24"? What tricks can you do on a COKER?

4’ drop
crank rev
Kickup mount (deadly difficult!)
feet on tire hopping
Leg around/seat wrap thing
Suicide mount
jump mount
All other usual mounts
sif hop/jump up 3-4 pallets
hop up 36 stairs in 36 seconds
off road coker muni
3’ gap
one footer
one foot pedaling
ride backwards
rolling hop 4 set
seat bounce
Haul ass! :sunglasses:


thanks for the info everybody except Tholub you can kiss my ass.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen a few riders doing advanced trials lines on a muni. Rumor has it that larger wheels are better for riding skinnies as well as hopping up steep pallets / logs.

Who says that? I think a bigger wheel is easier to keep rolling in a straight line, which could apply to riding skinnies if they’re straight. As soon as they turn, I’d rather be on a 20" trials.

Some people who ride trials rather well. I’m no name dropper… mostly because I have a hazy memory for names.

I did see some riders at the CMW trials comp in SB switch to 24ers for some lines, and they were the few successful riders to clean those lines.

That was my point, sorry if I didn’t express it clearly. I believe the advantage comes in the ratio between crank length and wheel radius. Where this ratio approaches one (as on smaller wheels), the wheel tends to wobble much more.