can you convert a viscount seat to an air seat?

has it been done, and how?
Thanks, James

Yup. See the thread “Saddle Sore” from early January 2002. I posted a medley of three old posts on how to convert a Viscount to an air seat.


jimmytrialsrider <> wrote in message
> has it been done, and how? Thanks, James

Have a look at this thread:

Sorry the link is so long and it wraps, just cut and past the sections and
put them in your address bar with no spaces. You’ll be able to get a few
tips on Viscount air seat construction.

I’m waiting to convert my Viscount to an air seat. Waiting because I’m
not allowed to use/abuse my new 26" Pashley MUni yet. Its a birthday
present that my wife bought at a good price from a local Pashley shop.
She won’t let me open it until my birthday (8 weeks to go!). I don’t
think I’ve looked forward to my birthday with quite as much anticipation
for many years!

Have fun!


Here is a low quality pic of the Air-Viscount conversion that I did- it suffers for lack of bumpers or easy griping serface.

I would recommend the additon of a bit of foam to the top AND sides, as well as some method for holding the tube to the side of the seat. After my last 10 miles on the Coker without a dismount, the tube became bunched up in the middle and allowed the frame to press uncomfortably on one side. In retrospect, I would not have removed as much foam from the sides.