Can you believe this?????????

Someone is actually trying to pass this thing off as a Muni? The sad part is they’ve already got 15 bids on it :thinking: :thinking: :angry:

That seat is interesting, isn’t it? It looks like the Miyata style lollipop bearing holders. Don’t try to outbid me on this one, Kenny.

You meen I shouldn’t have bid on it? I was looking for something to replace my KH24 when it was out of service.

They seem to be into selling things that aren’t quite what they appear to be.

Also has several complaints from past buyers about misadvertised items.

I know I know, I’m sure he and his family are great people. :slight_smile:

Obviously these people have no idea what theyr talking about and neither do thier bidders. But at least no one will probably bid past 50 bucks on it. Als notice that they say bike several times. But whatcha gonna do.

I just wrote the seller or whoever it is asking for a response about how incredibly wrong their details about the uni is, hoping for a response. ha

in light of this, i found this article quite interesting

Nothing to do with unicycles, but along the same lines of “things not being quite as they seem” (or “there is less here than meets the eye”):

Maybe whoever bought this (for $289 US!!) could use it to travel back in time to resolve the “history of unicycles” conflict that’s raging elsewhere on these pages?!


[I]“The Hyper Dimensional Resonator is one of the most advanced instruments of it’s kind in the entire world…”

“It is the only unit of it’s kind in the world…”[/I]

It’s not hard to be most advanced instruments of its kind in the world when it’s also the only one of its kind.

My great uncle used to have a joke that he would say " This is the best mince pie I have had all year." on or as close to Jan 1st…


My first thought on seeing the item was: “What if the joke is on us and this actually works?”

Then I realized that it’s not one of those new-fangled ‘cordless’ time machines, and whoever bought it better remember to bring a portable generator with him if he wants to get back home.

all terrain muni they’re having a laugh! that thing wouldn’t survive going on bumpy conerete let alone muni terrain!

haha :slight_smile:

To be fair, I think it’s almost impressive how much BS one person can spout out!

“Heavy-duty rim is made of an aluminum alloy with a high pitched channel section for the ultimate in light weight and durability, with 36 spokes.
High impact poly guards protect the seat upholstery if you fall- NO WAY!!!
Seat is contoured for a comfortable ride. UNTHINKABLE!
Pedals have a high traction surface molded into them so you feet will not slip off. The also have reflectors mounted in them. JUST HAT WE ALWAYS WANTED!
24” x 1-3/4" pneumatic (air-filled) All-Terrain tire is suitable for use on road or off. Professional/European style Presta inflation valved tube for the ultimate in simplicity. PRESTA? WOW…

Ha! He does manage to make it sound like a historical feat of unicycle technology. Unless of course you know about unicycles!

i’ve been intrigued for awhile now about these unicycle auctions. for instance who are these people that are selling new summit trials unis? if you look at their other items for sale, they are obviously not into unicycling. where do you think they are getting these new summits?

what i’m thinking is that he can successfully pass this cheap uni off to other sellers who believe it’s a muni and who think they can turn a profit because they’ve seen other unicycles go for more money. i don’t know. it just doesn’t make sense.


What a bunch of purists…

What’s the matter with you guys? Why aren’t you complaining about all the sellers of used Schwinns from the 80s who are calling them antiques? Aren’t they being “dishonest” too? Unless they really don’t know how old it is, which is probably the case most of the time.

We should be celebrating what appears to be a totally new unicycle coming onto the market. Though we don’t know what the quality level is, it looks to have some nice features. The seat looks pretty cool. It might be from the same factory making the Miyata seats. This would mean a weak front bumper probably.

The fact is, if they want to call it a MUni there is no law that says they can’t. It’s a light-duty MUni. Look at some of the cycles on listed as MUnis. They start very modestly, in an effort to cover as many price points as possible. Most of us probably took our first trail rides on cycles similar to this one.

To me, this new cycle looks like a great street or track machine. But that’s not where the market is, so the seller says ride it on trails. It’s not like you can’t, it just looks more appropriate for gym or track.

If the above is not true, what are the minimum requirements of calling something a mountain unicycle?

P.S. Kudos to the seller of that time machine for collecting $289 from someone. Nobody made that person fork over the bucks! People believe in astrology and other non-scientific nonsense. Others make a living at it. Apparently this is not illegal either.

Re: What a bunch of purists…

Aw come on john we wuz just twying to have some fun. Schucks :frowning:

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