can you 360 unispin and stand up ww?

who can 360 unispin and stand up ww? i was just wondering how many can do both.

I can almost do 360 unispin, and I can’t really stand up wheelwalk at all.

man, i swear i tried to put a poll with this thread…that really bites…my computer is really dumb. oh well

I can only 360 unispin…stand up wheel walk hasn’t really been on my list of stuff to learn.

i can do… neither

I can…!

Yeahhhh!!! I Can Do Both!!!

Hmm, i’m working on it. So, I never landed a 360° unispin, maybe I hit the pedals, but I always mis the saddle g. As well I can do stand-up ww, but not the way I want. So, what’s more interessesting is a unispin to stand-up ww. So I landed a 180° unispin to stand-up ww and I saw Mo who did a 360° unispin to stand-up ww.

Ride on

Standup ww, but no unispins…

Neither… yet :frowning:

will have the 360 unispin when i practice it :stuck_out_tongue:

I can do both. :slight_smile:

I can stand up ww. unispins are beyond me, even the 180 type. 90 degree unispins are no problem though.