can u seriously damage yourself unicycling?

hi people,
i was wondering if any one knows if i can seriously damage myself unicycling?

i ride most days and i dont do any thing too extreme .
but i still have my fare share of stacks - hitting were it hurts.
will i damage my …
thanks plz reply

by the way my new dx is arriving in a few days i cant wait it feels soooooo good!!


the munky uni!!

The greater the risk, the greater the chance of injury. Of course, there’s always that unexpected UPD that can cause injuries. That’s why it pays to always wear protection.

thats what she said:p

zack baldwin fractured a ball. doing something like mounting into a stand up glide or something like that.
some guy also broke his back. not really sure how, but i think he is the only one

i knew that was coming

Thats what she said. Yeah, people get hurt all the time.

you can really hurt your ankle if you land wrong. I know from personal experience

Yep. I just recently tore some ligements in my foot/ankle. It sucks to walk right now. lol

Just like most sports, you can get hurt really bad, and you can just get some tiny scratches.

Well, there were two actually: Munivision and unicycle6869.

I believe the original question was too shy to make it through :wink:

Short answer: Don’t sit on them!

Yes, you can hurt yourself, but you’ll definitely know it when it happens. You should develop a habit of placing your testicles in front of you whenever you sit on the saddle.

There shouldn’t be any long term harms, though. I’ve been through testicular cancer (over a decade ago) and the docs said there is no correlation with physical abuse of any kind. (I have a history of combat sports.)

Someone could argue that the saddle keeps the testicles too close to the body, so they’ll be too warm. That will hinder sperm generation (same happens when wearing tight jeans). I don’t think any one of us will spend that many hours on the saddle. I’d say endurance bikers are more at risk.

You’re at more risk hurting the nerves in the “taint” area than your testicles.

You’ll know if you’ve injured the nerves if you sit to long in the saddle (it feels like your peeing ACID).

Just give up unicycling for a while if you wana have a kid?

You can really hurt your uncle too.
I was riding past my Uncle Peter when I UPD’d and fell on him.

That was really funny. Made me laugh out loud and choke on my chamomile tea. Made Jim look at me funny cos I said I was working and made him go and get my son an ice cream so I wouldn’t have to get up.

im currently on muscle relaxers and an anti-inflammatory for back pain that was at least partly a result of unicycling. I have also injured my ankles a couple times and now wear ankle wraps anytime i ride aggressively.

what is UPD???


UnPlanned Dismount…

Yeah you can seriously damage yourself unicycling, so quit while your ahead.


If you’re really worried about being seriously injured, for the love of god never drive or travel in another car ever again. Nothing else comes close.

today i tried to pedal grab a bin about 1m high fell off landed on my head and elbow. You can ask edd it made a nice thud on landing. Funily enough my head was fine after 1 minute or so wasnt even that dizzy (i’m so hardcore :P)

However my elbow is still hurting - although its getting better and better so hopefully no lasting damage done and i’ll wake up with it good as new.

So yeah you can hurt yourself quite badly, but wear shin pads, wear a helmet (i will do from now on - cause that was close) and some gloves/wrist guards and you should be ok.

After that its up to you wether its worth the risk or not.

Click here to see a really painfull crash on video

Helmets are important on a uni kind of, but I have only hit my head badly once so I only use my every blue moon.