Can someone review these for me?

First one

That is the first one,
I have decided to go closer to my price range so i saw these 2 trials and was wondering what they were like?

Second one


Well the crossfire has a tiny tire compared to nimbus which isn’t nice at all… and im thinking people are gona tell you it’s bad :thinking: we’ll see…

Yeah i decided that i might go for the nimbus…looks ok and i probbaly wont do mahoosive jumps so =] so guys just review the nimbus pleaaasseee =]

it sucks
next question

Not if more money is out of the question, (the DX suxs cos it looks rank IMHO, but that’s not useful to someone who wants a review of it :roll_eyes: )

the only parts on it worth riding are the tyre, and maybe the post. everything else sucks.
frame-too wide
cranks-weak and if what i have riden a little flexy
pedals-weirdly grippy (wont bash them sense pedals are on;y preference)
seat-like the dx seat it is overgrown, and bulky
rim(nimbus?)-actually a KH04 rim which doesn’t hold up well i have heard.
post-maybe a good one (not sure)
clamp-not sure
but hey that is on;y MY opinion.

Yeah im going to go for the Nimbus, like james said unis are stronger that people say so i agree with that, but im going to get it, im not doing anything to big, not doing mahoosive jumps so…yeah thanks anyway you lot =]

Go with the Nimbus. The Qu-Ax on there is actually a 20" uni, where the Nimbus is a 19", which is what you’ll want.

It also has an easily customized seat. If you like the padding (I do, I use that seat on my coker and can ride on it for hours with no soreness) then it will work fine, if you start doing SIF or want to mess around with it, you can easily take the staples out, and cut away to your liking, and staple the cover back on.

The frame is great, and wide, and works really well for foot one the frame stuff.

The rim is an KH rim, the ones where the sides wont ply apart, but its named to a Nimbus. Its strong.

Best thing about the nimbus is the hub and cranks. Once they bend/snap, all you need to do is buy a new hub/crank set and lace it to the rim. =p

cheers i definantly know what im getting now! =]

hey, why would you get a cotterless uni when you could get a splined uni for the same price?
get the DX
getting a nimbus is retarded IMO
you will want to do something big eventually, and the Nimbus will break. get the DX and you won’t have to worry about anything. the DX is a beast. it takes a beating and asks for more… it is breakable, but not even by most good riders, a select few that are extera hard on thier unicycles have broken them.

you don’t want a nimbus.

The DX
strong rim
ultra strong hub(comparable to profiles)
strong frame(i have done a few things to it that would have broken nearly any frame, but its fine)
decent seatpost, decent seat

cheapo pedals($30 and you can get good ones though)


The Torker DX is not available to buy in the UK. Sure you can ship them from the US, but by that time they’re much more expensive.

I personally own the Nimbus, I’ve changed quite a few parts on it (stronger ones), but I never broke any of the original parts. I would definitely go for it over the QU-AX beginner uni.

I personally don’t think TorkerDX is being very helpful by firstly answering curtly. gagtape are quitely clearly looking for a cheap beginner trials unicycle and the nimbus are QU-AX beginner both fit that catagory. Knocking them just because they aren’t on par with say your unicycle or some other upmarket model doesn’t mean that they aren’t suitable for what HE (or maybe she i don’t know) is looking for.

Has a 20" rim and tyre not a proper 19" trials tyre and rim, which means if you ever upgrade in the future you will need to buy a new tyre and rim.

The hub is listed as an ISIS hub which is a splined hub, but if you read the description I get the impression that it’s not particularly strong.

Has a proper 19" tyre and rim (Torkerdx has ‘heard’ that these rims don’t hold up, but I’ve had no trouble with them. Just make sure to keep the spokes nice and tight)

Ok so the cranks and hub aren’t that great, just plain square tapered and cranks that are slightly shorter than ideal for trials. But for a beginner such as yourself I think you’ll be fine.

In the future if you want to upgrade you can stick a lovely KH '07 momment hub and crankset on there (use the original rim and spokes - saves money) and maybe a freeride saddle that’ll make it ride nicely in my opinion.

well i know this is probably abit much for your budget but with this one you wouldnt have to worry about anything breaking :

however as peopl;e have said the nimbus has a proper 19" trials wheelset so go for that one rather than the cross.

Problem is the crankset, but nothing stops you from if you break it relacing the rim with a moment crankset.

As for the DX, well in the uk its not an option so there.

btw the nimbus has a UDC gel seat which is pretty thin (not as much as a koxx luxury or a KH street) but still very nice for sif. I’d say its abit like a koxx seat

I think the nimbus gel saddle is realy comfy. Compared to my KH fusion street saddle it is realy nice, Its a bit thicker but still ok for SIF.

get the nimbus, then save up and buy a KH moment hub. Then you’ll have a strong uni