Can someone recommend good pedal model for 36er?

One of my QX pedals (PVC ones) started to squeak.
The guy at the LBS says it’s because it has an open bearing system vs. closed bearing system - which he claims is much better.

I’m not familiar with this technical statement the LBS guy made, but in case it is true - which pedals would you recommend I would get for my 36er?

Thanks in advance!

I believe he meant sealed bearings. Sealed bearings are a cartridge style bearing that has a dust cap to keep out dirt and water. I’m sure an expert will be here soon to recommend a pedal for you.

I really like the Wellgo MG-1. Light, strong, lots of foot area and great grip.
A classic.


Shimano A520

Shimano A520 pedals. Light, strong, no need for lots of foot area and great grip.

Shimano A520

Nukeproof are great too

Here are base models, Alloy version has more pins. Ti and Mg versions are lighter and cost a wack more when they arent on sale. All can be rebuilt if needed years down the track. I have 5 sets. countless miles on a couple of them. No issues, perfect grip. These are my pick for you!

Good luck, All the best

Wow, thanks for all your tips everyone! :slight_smile:



Terry recommended the MG-1 for my 700c uni. Now I use this set on my 36’er too. Fantastic.

Another good choice:

khpedals1 (1).jpg

It looks very similar to my current QX PVC pedals.


+1 for the MG-1. I use them on my 26" Muni and on the 36".



Azonic flat iron for the win

Personally I have had more problems with sealed bearing pedals than plain bearing ones. On a unicycle the pedals get more of a hammering than they do on a bike so I consider them disposable. Don’t spend lots of money, the expensive ones often fail as quickly as the cheap ones.

When going fast I personally prefer SPDs or very spiky pedals so that I get lots of grip. There is nothing worse that loosing your grip when blasting along.

Although for general bimbling around I like the Welgo plastic pedals with the studs in. Like the KH ones.


Point taken Roger as I just bought these

Also, I think it is worth considering your footwear. My 5/10’s are ‘sticky’ enough to swap from metal to plastic pedals, so I could shift and repostion my feet around better. Consider your shoe/pedal combination. Of course riders like Joe Meyers are clipped-in. Yippee ki-yay! I need to man-up to make that transition. Also I suppose for a 36 you are not talking about too much off-road. Consider plastic - they are much lighter but can also have metal pins inserted.

Got my new pedals today!

I found some nice pedals called “K-PEDC” and they look and feel great.

The pedal weight is only 171 grams.
Let’s see how long they will last in my 100 KM per week rides :slight_smile:

Ive got these now. Have had lots of different pedals but these are by far the best.