can someone please explain this self mounting magura harware?

I’m not sure how the metal brackets work, any tips?

there are 4 metal brackets that I assume all get used to mount the alloy brake holders. do they?

I don’t get it


If you are talking about the steel weld-on mounts, you just use the pair that give you the proper offset for your setup. The way they have them in the picture is a little confusing. You use either the straight pair or the angled pair.



PS…if anyone wants to add brakes to their uni, these can be held on with hoseclamps instead of welding.

Although I just put them on, I had brakes mounted on with hoseclamps before and have never had an issue.

My Coker now has an airfoil rim, 110’s and brakes.


Now to go out and not die

So I assume you are also using a booster? Otherwise I would imagine they would tend to rotate on the frame.


i thought about using a booster (it’s sitting there unused), but as i can’t budge it no matter how much might I use, I deem that unneccesary.

there is a miniscule amount of brake force required to stop a uni than a bike, so I am convinced that it will do what it needs.

I know a welder than could remedy this if I need, but I highly doubt I will need to.