Can someone "not" be able to ride a unicycle

Ok I was wondering…Is it possible for someone to not be able to ride a unicycle, like no matter how much they try they just wont be able to do it? I ask this becuase I was trying to teach my g/f to ride yesterday and she just well…couldnt do it, she was unable to get on, I would hold her up and get her on the seat, but as soon as she would start she would just fall to the side, or like shed try to pedal but the uni wouldnt go… Does anyone have any advise to help someone learn who cant really get on?

that exact story is true with me. My g/f will never get it, ive lost faith

I think anyone with enough balance to be able to walk unassisted should be able to unicycle.

A legless person couldn’t without any special stuff. But serisouly, I think everyone could learn if they had ENOUGH practice. Even if it might take 50 years.


Yeah i beleive that with some determination anyone can do it.

I’m sure she is capable of learning. Some learn faster than others, but pretty much anyone is capable. Confidence has a lot to do with your ability. If she doesn’t think she can her approach to learning this will cause failure. If she lived in Minneapolis, and saw literally dozens of other girls older and younger than her, she would be more confident in the possibility that she could do it. The only person she has probably seen ride is you. This makes it seem impossible to her.

Not to mention, if you learned quickly, you probably stink at teaching.

Well is there anyhting I could do to help her learn, like anyone have any advise on gettin her on it and goin forwards lol

Keep in mind, your girlfriend may not be as motivated to learn as you. Learning to ride a unicycle takes a special degree of determination and desire to accomplish the task.

I would say that as it is you on this forum asking this question and not her (unless she has no computer ofcourse) it may indicate that you are more enthusiastic than she is. :slight_smile: Not a good recipie for sucess.


Ah well that could be true, she said she allways wanted to try one, but I think that may be all she wanted, to “try”. But she was pretty determaned, But getting confused as to how she just counldnt get one lol.

Lol true dat. But she has no idea of this sight. I was just trying to find a way to help her, or a new way for her to try next time she tries it…

Fair enough. But as you know, there are no short cuts. Just keep trying. I would suggest encouragement and a belief that she can do it if she wants to.

Good luck to you both.


Thanks, itl just take all day of holding on to her to keep her up…hm I dont mind…

I was at this bike store, and the owner dude said that there was this guy tring to learn and he had a 20 and a 24 and he had been trying for a year and he still didn’t know how, he said that he even had a little hand rail in his basement to practice.

I worked for a driving school for three and a half years. One thing I know for sure at the end of that is that there are plenty of people out there that “can’t” drive. Sure they may be able to control a car, but they should never go out on the same roads that other people use. Driving a car in traffic requires cognitive skills and timing that some people just can’t put together.

Others may take a year or more to learn, such as a 62-year-old woman who was a lifetime household assistant, suddenly facing the death of her employer and having to go out on her own. It took her a very long time to get a good “feel” for being a road user but she did finally get it.

The same is going to apply to a unicycle. First off, I agree with what Tom Holub said for the most part. Physiologically, anyone who can learn to walk should be able to learn to ride. But walking is easier than riding, and less potentially destructive to the body to learn, so there might be people who can master walking but should probably stay away from unicycles. I’m thinking, for example, of my dad, recovering from his horrible bike crash earlier this year, and getting back on his feet again. His walking will be fine, but if he starts trying to ride a unicycle at this point, he might break in little pieces.

Others just don’t believe they can do it. Until you can convince yourself you can, you probably won’t. Like the hundreds of people who I’ve heard say “I couldn’t learn to juggle for my life,” if they feel the same way about unicycling they will, at best, take much longer to learn.

For Caw, if your girlfriend can stand on one foot for 30 seconds, she can probably learn to unicycle if she wants. You said she wanted to try, which she has, but the full committment to learning to ride is a much bigger thing. If she wants to, she will. But make sure it’s she who wants to, not just you. Believe me, I’ve been there. My wife is like the world captain of the Unicycle Widows. And there were girlfriends before that, with various levels of interest in unicycling. No matter how much you want it, it’s really up to them.

DO expect her to learn more slowly than you did. Be patient and proceed at her pace, and everything will be fine. Try not to push it. Then, once she gets the basic understanding of having her feet on the pedals and keeping the wheel under her, don’t offer more spotting than you need to. Sure it’s fun holding her up, but you may need to back off some for her to start self-balancing.

…let’s watch those hands…

Keep in mind, she will not learn if you are always holding on to her. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :roll_eyes: (Insert favorite smiley face here according to how you interpret the preceding statement.) I doubt anyone was holding on to you when you learned. If she wants to learn, it will have to be just her and the unicycle. Sorry man, you will just be in the way.

Ohh man, I wonder why that is…I hope Jen doesnt have that prob lol/ I feel bad for that guy!

Yeah, when I was teach my girlfriend, I would just hold her to make sure she was on, then I would just hold her hand when she got going, then after a few revolutions, i would just let my hand slide away.

You gotta make sure she isnt relying on you all the time to ride, you just kinda gotta act like a fence or a wall, just make sure she is up and good, just hold her hand or even just use a finger when she is going, then once she lets go and go on her own for about 50 feet, you can just stand there and watch with the biggest smile. :smiley:

Just keep her practicing, maybe shell want to get into trials like mine, which reminds me, I gotta go over and cut her seatpost down a few more inches for her. It may take a while to get her used to it, or get pedalling down. You could try having her go up to a wall, or use your whole arm or shoulder, and have her be on the uni, and just do little half revs, then full revs, to get used to pedalling, then have her really start learning

My g/f has asked me to teach her to ride this summer. Next year at university we will both be in a circus club, so she wants to be able to ride alongside me when we have our meets in the park.

She had a go last week for the first time. she had her arms clamped round my neck, but still not staying upright. This thread is proving to have some helpful hints as to what I should do when I start helping her properly.

I think it’s great that she wants to be able to ride :smiley: It makes me very happy!

No kidding! I thought I was lucky enough when Sera said she wanted to learn how to ride, then she got her own uni, and now I am even more happy when she said she wanted to get into trials! =p