Can someone give me ideas for my trail?

I need some ideas for my trail, i already have a steel pipe to ride on, then after that some stairs to hop up, then a 3 foot gap, then it branches off in 2 directions, one has a teetertotter then one right after it, then like 15 feet of bridge, then a 3.5 ’ drop, the other way of the “Y” has a 2X6 about 2.5 ’ long, small drop, then a log bout 10 ’ long bout 3 " wide, then another that turns, then another , then another, than another log ride, all one conection, it totals maybe 30 ’ …? then off. So i need some ideas for making new stuff, Id REALLy apreciat what people have to say, thanks

how about some "dangerous"objects sprinkled into the mix.

A 3 inch deep wooden tray full of pea gravel.
An old tyre lying on its side.
Put a limbo bar across the teeter totter (which I presume is what we’d call a see saw).

How about some long wood pieces or some kind of step up’s placed above the logs to hop over, mabye to spice up the long log ride.
But I like how it sounds.
Pretty coo!

a teeter-totter?
isn’t that a unicyclist who doesn’t touch alcohol?

your trail sounds stunning
cutting a log into discs (of various thicknesses) allows u to stack them in a kewl spiral shape to be hopped up and drop down
or jump up and hop down


thanks for the idea, ill try to post some new pictures up. when i take some. thx

A small pit filled with angry wolverines.


well that would be neat, you gota hope over it, but i havnt ever seen a wolverien around her, cept for the wolverien foot in my room, which my grampa shot, but other than that, cant get any wolveriens