can someone give a pic?

can someone post a pic of the KH 24" Muni with the magura hydraulic brake on it?And when does the new 4.0 tire come out again?:slight_smile:

there is a 4.0 tire

where can i take a look at it? or buy it?

i should probly start a new thread on this but now that im talkin bout it why not here?:smiley: is there a 24" by 4" tire cuz im only seeing a 26"by 4" tire. And does it only fit on a surly large marge rim? And is there a 24" surly large marge rim out yet? Where can i see this rim and tyre?

Read this thread - - and you’ll leaern that Surly don’t have plans in the near future for a 24x4" tyre, only the 26".

On a side note, has anyone else noticed that the site is down?


he probably got to many people lookin at his website