can someone get scott Stephens

Scott.Stephens writes:
>I will be going to New York today, getting there at 6:30( too bad,
>because i really wanted to go to the Unatics meeting) and I will not
>have internet access for a week,or at least not at this point) Im
>taking my unicycle, im gonna try to ride around the city.
>New York City trials, here I come:D
>Signing off for the week

We’re meeting tom’w since it rained last week. If anyone can contact Scott
by phone, please let him know.



PS: Info for Scott: Grant’s Tomb (120th and RSD) at 1:30-darkish


I left a message at his house just in case they check in, but I don’t have any other number for him. Hopefully he will get the message, I know he would like to meet you guys.

Scott Wallis

what did i do wrong?

yes, I got the message, bt i couldnt post anything because the comp i was on wasnt working(wouldnt let me log on)
It says on my comp the message was dated 24 of Nov. “tommorow” would be the 25 of Nov. or Monday. I went to Grants Tomb at 1:30 that Monday, and i stayed for a couple hours, waiting, until they kicked me off the steps in front on my uni. i searched all around the place, and i couldnt find anybody. I called, and i tryed to get your number. The first one Mrs.Drummond gave me was a fax noise. The second was was an answering machine , and i left a message. Im assuming there was something wrong with the date on the browser at my uncles house, and i just went the wrong day. New York was still a blast, and i am going to write up on the trip later.


P.S. Grants tomb is a cool place, but kind of scary inside!


It was Sunday that we met (always a weekend) and one of us was there almost continuously from 0830 till around 1730 (5:30 PM). Sorry we missed you!

Isn’t it a great place to ride? Kinda peaceful and the granite is a nice surface. Some good steps there too!