Can someon nice tell me if my picture went up? im not sure if i did it right...

Well im not good at computeres really, so i just put it in the scaner and started to push what looked right, im not sure if i did it right, can someone tell me if i did. I dont know if it is right, thanks, Neill

its on Unicyclist community

the pict is in teh photo thingy in Unicyclist community,

Yup. It’s there. A pic of you jumping on a spool.

One thing you can do is add a description to the photo in the album. You have a description for the entire album, but no description for the individual photo. If you add more pics to the album the description for the album isn’t going to make as much sense. It would also be cool to add your full name to the description. Many of the albums don’t bother to mention who put up the pics which often leaves me trying to guess who is in the pics.

The process for adding descriptions and such to the albums is not as straight forward as it should be. I’m not surprised that you are finding it difficult. I had problems trying to figure out how to manage my album.

Nice photo.