Can ride a unicycle, but not a bicycle?

Tonight I went out with my friends, and took my uni with me to ride a little. One of my friends had a bke and I asked him if I could try to ride it, since it’s been almost a year since I rode a bke (I use to have one before I’ve bought my uni, but someone stole it).
Aaaand I couldn’t ride it. I mean, I managed to ride for a few meters, but I felt totally unstable! Twenty seconds later I was back on my uni again, and I felt quite safe. :smiley:

no hands

I used to be able to ride a mountain bike with a potato chip front wheel no handed while drinking a mtn dew, I had to ride a few miles like that after a bad crash once, the front tire eventually popped as i got where i needed to go from the brake rubbing it even though i disconnected the quick release.

I still remeber watching the handle bars jerk back n forth hypnotising me as i limped to the bart train because I couldn’t ride home on the bike path that far witht he wheel so mangled.