Can one use a 2.5/2.7 inch tube in a 3.0 inch tire?

All I can find at shops around the city are 2.5/2.7 inch tubes.

Will it work with my 26 x 3.0 inch Arrow tire?

Almost certainly - I’ve used 26x2.1 in 26x2.6 before, and that was running a non-downhill tube in a downhill tyre - here you’re just running a slightly less massive tube.


Yes, but it’ll stretch the tube out a bit, making flats a bit more likely.

Don’t get that tube. You want one that has a Shrader valve stem, not a Presta. It’s possible to use a Presta valved tube but you would have to put a shim in the valve hole.

I’d get a full 3" tube. Your LBS probably won’t stock any, but they can order one.

Presta valve is way better than Schraeder valve for cycling. Just ask the shop for the little donut.

Found a three-point-oh downtown.

Thanks guys.

Why? For a muni - no advantage of high pressure, no advantage of weight, disadvantage of not being able to use petrol station air pumps on it, disadvantage of being easier to break if you have to pump it up with a mini pump on the trail.


Have you ever been on the trail with someone, trying to blow up a Schraeder value with your mini-pump, only to find that due to the geometry of the tire, the tube, the valve, and the pump, you just can’t get air into the tube? I have, more than once. Even with my floor pump at home there are Schraeder valves that don’t sit quite right and leak air while you’re filling.

The ideal setup is a Schraeder-drilled rim with a Presta-valve tube with a Schraeder adapter.

My MUni has a threaded Shrader valve stem like this one.

It definately makes pumping up easier. I can tighten down that ring and pump real vigorously w/o fear of damaging the stem. Also makes it a lot easier to fill when only partly inflated - the stem dousn’t squish into the tire.

I used to always carry an adapter w/ me on my mtb.

Re: the original question …

I’ve found lots of places that stock tubes for cruisers that are 26x3, and they’re pretty burly ones, too. Always schrader, though, but I’ve not run into any of the mentioned problems on the trail (yet). It’s funny, I don’t have a schrader valve on any of my bikes, but they’re on all my unis.

Just managed to pick up an IRC “Torque Tube”. It’s 2.35-3.0 with a Schrader valve.

I like this one because it seems to be a tad lighter than the tubes branded, “Heavy Duty”.

mmm it smells so good.

I’ve been using a 2.7" tube (really thick) in a 3" gazza for a few years now. I run 1 bar pressure and weigh 90kg… and the rim has some dents but no puncture yet.

I use a 2.125" tube in a 3" tire.

I did that a few years back. It worked, but not very well. My tire was always either too hard or too soft.

I always use a 26"x3.0" in my 24", but I have a 65mm rim and I inflate it to about 35 psi. What really makes it nice is that I can use the same tube in my 29er, so I don’t have to remember to swap out spares in my hydro pack.