Can my unicycle handle any Muni?

So I just got a new Torker LX and I love it. The thing is that I just recently discovered Muni videos on youtube and am completely fascinated. I really want to try some Muni but I know that this model was not built for that (and doesn’t have the ISIS cranks). I was wondering if this unicycle could handle some light trails, mostly flat stuff, nothing intense. I would rather not brake my brand new uni trying to do something that it can not handle but I really can’t afford paying $300 for a new unicycle right after buying this one.

I am 5’6" and 115 lbs if that makes any difference.



Yes. Unless you do something that it can’t handle. Then it will break.

If you’re not doing drops, it’ll probably be fine for a while. Your biggest issue will be the cranks, which will have a tendency to get loose, and once they’re loose will break. Tighten them up well and you might get away with it for a while.

But once you’re out there you’ll want to do bigger stuff and eventually that’ll be the end of your LX. Save up for a MUni.

Go do it!

Oh and yeah keep that stuff tight and they will be fine.

Ok cool, thanks!

You can use the Search button on these pages to look up tightening tapered cranks. There’s been a lot of information posted here in the past.

What size wheel? Just wondering.

Its a 20". I originally got it just for street tricks not expecting to do any MUni but it just seems so fun!

I’ll look up tightening the square tapered cranks right now, thanks.

Just tried Muni for the first time and it was so exhilarating! By far the most fun I’ve had on a unicycle and it was an extremely light trail. I can’t wait to get a real Muni and go on some intense rides. If anybody is considering trying it you should definitely go for it, you won’t regret it. My one recommendation is to wear a lot of protective gear or you will get hurt; within 5 minutes of starting I had already fallen off and split open my ankle on a pedal.

You have reached the beginning of the end.

There is no going back

Next you will be riding longer harder trails and shopping for a bigger unicycle.

welcome to the MUni addicted.

You only need protective gear if you can’t deal with blood. Personally, I like blood, kinda salty, but on the right cracker it’s hard to beat :sunglasses:

Get some shinguards and maybe ankle protectors, you’ll learn how to get off a uni over time. I rarely hurt myself unless I’m riding with Eric :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the tingle you feel the first time your tire leaves the pavement, when you kinda feel the uneven ground but at the same time float above the ground, and if your lucky enough to be able to go downhill it can be like gliding through heaven.

Overexaggerating, okay, but since i ride my 26" Muni i have the urge to share the passion i have for riding it.