Can my Muni morph into a Trials uni?

As stated above, I have a 24’ muni, with a no-name square crown on it and 150 mm cranks. If I got a smaller trials tire, would that pretty much make this a low-end trials uni, or will it be missing something?


a splined hub. and a better rim

i’m assuming it’s not splined and has a weak rim since it’s no name.

but you want a fatter tire for trials, not smaller

Ok cool. So I’ve heard the terms splined, and isis, and all that stuff, but would you care to explain what these actually mean? All I know is that the stranger the name, the more money it costs. Also - Any suggestions on a rim?


well right now what you have is a square taper hub. too weak for hopping and drops. basically it wouldn’t be worth it to upgrade, cause a whole new trials cycle would end up being less.

isis is just a splined hub. most new high end unis come with isis hubs. splined hubs(especially the isis) can withstand the force of hops. isis just made everything convenient cause a lot more is compatible. before splined hubs would have all kinds of diff numbers of splines…sometimes there was 8, 10…and i think there’s like 40 spline ones too. so now it’s(isis) just the standard. they’re all the same.

as far as rims go… the wider, the better. for trials at least.

isis stands for international splined interface standard.

Just check out

Thanks DSchmitt

You would still have the 24" frame, and i think you want to put a 20 inch wheel on, so that could be wierd.

Ahh yes I was wondering about that… It would just be unnecessary weight and silly looking… Well I guess I’ll just wait for the unicycle fairy to bring me something at Christmas then.

Ok so new question. I’m noticing that a lot of people who do trials have their tire pressures below the stated minimum tire pressure, in order to get more bounce. I have a Maxxis Highroller on my uni whose min pressure is 35 PSI. Is it safe to go lower than that, or will I blow up my tire and be left crying on the curb?

If it’s too low you get no bounce

firstly, awesome name!
You want your tyre pressure hard enough that you can still compress it, but that you will not bottom out (hit your rim on the ground)
You don’t want this for two reasons.

  1. It destroys your rim
  2. It takes all your bounce away

Try start your pressure at maybe… 30PSI, then just fiddle, i think mine’s around 27-28, but its all about whats right for you, and how much you can compress
I know that the top trials riders all have theirs very high.

lol thanks for the tips! I’ll do exactly that on my next day off :smiley: I love fiddling