Can monkeys unicycle

I’m in South Africa, and we have our history of travelling Circusses.

Few people told me since taking up uni, that the Boswell Wilkie Circus (our biggest local circus) used to have a monkey riding a unicycle.

Have you ever heard of a monkey riding a unicycle?
After battling for weeks to ride the thing, I would like to say a monkey won’t be able to do it.

Anyone with anny comments, or corfirmation?

best way to find out yourself:

I seem to remember an old B&W pic with a monkey on a unicycle.

Around here we only have pigs and goats riding unicycles.

And a couple of asses.

Present company excepted, of course.

MONKEY RIDING A UNICYCLE! That just made my day…:smiley:

WOW!!! :sunglasses: :D:) :astonished: :p:D :sunglasses: :astonished:

Jeebus! Even a monkey can ride backwards! I must be doing something wrong…

There was some debate a while back whether the film was reversed.

The jury is still out.

Hate to break this to you, but that’s a chimp not a monkey! Really cool though, I wonder if it is played backwards.

Well I took that clip and reversed it. I feel pretty comfortable saying that the chimp was riding forwards. His movements and those of the man in the clip just make more sense when played in this direction:

If the chimp was riding backwards you would assume that he would try and look behind himself to make sure he didn’t crash as he made the turn.

I have to agree. Still, totally insane.

Kind of sad as well considering all the training and inevitable cruelty this chimp probably had to endure.

Yeah, some bonkers stuff used to go on.


Wall of death with a lion, brilliant. Doubt it’s your typical backseat driver at least.

In the second vid where the monkey goes forward theres a ma who starts walking backwards. He was maybe following the monkey for his own vid. But when the monkey goes forward he goes backwards into the monkey. And the monkey looks at the walls a lot so he maybe could see where he was instead of turning his head.

Monkey, Chimp? I’m a simple man, and all I know is that it made me smile… But beware!

Chimp Riding Backwards

I have to say that I think the chimp was actually riding backwards. Fist of all there are two people that we can see in that video. Both of them move Backwards in when the Chimp is riding forwards. That does just not seem right.
Second, when I ride backwards I don’t look backwards. If I do I tend to turn the opposite way of where I am looking. Notice that the chimp’s head faces the side a lot. He is probably constructing a picture of where he is in the ring by seeing just part of it’s boundaries.
I would assume that Chimps who spend their lives in trees would have better balance than us so why shouldn’t they be able to ride. Now just to get that chimp to do some MUni, Trials or Street would be totally awesome! I bet that with his animal reflexes he could outride us all!


BTW if anyone ever sees a unicorn on a Unicycle I want to know!

Where in South Africa?

I’m out in Mpumalanga myself.

I heard somewhere that even bears can ride unicycles.