Can KH Gloves be Machine Washed?

Self explanitory: Can KH gloves be machine washed? If not, do I just soak them in a 5 gallon bucket with warm water and detergent? How about the drier? Thanks.

They machine wash just fine. I’ve done mine several times. Dryer is fine as well.

Hint: the long wrist wraps can get tangled up badly in a standard “agitator” washer. To avoid this, double-back the wrap and stick the velcro to itself to shorten the overall length of the wrap.

There’s very little that can’t be machine washed, except for things like suits that say dry clean only. I can’t think of any of my riding gear that I don’t machine wash - wrist guards, camelback, normal biking gloves etc. Just use the lowest temperature you’ve got. The only problem for riding gear is waterproofs - they’ll end up clean, but possibly not waterproof anymore (depending on washing powder/softener/temperature etc), although you can re-proof them.

Wow, unicycling and laundry tips all on one forum. Does it get any better?


I tend to avoid putting anything except cotton-based garments in the dryer. The heat that’s produced in the dryer can damage a lot of materials, leading to failures such as seams ripping, velcro becoming less “sticky”, etc.

Machine wash, okay, but when you’re done roll 'em up in a towel to remove excess moisture then hang 'em up to dry. Sure it’ll take a day or two but your gloves will appreciate the tender care.

sorry to steal the post but on a similar note, are the 661 4x4’s machine washable as well? after over nine hours with them on straight i’m sure they could use a good wash

I wash them by hand in the tub using liquid dishwashing soap. Wash them in the tub, use a utility brush to get the dirt off, run them through a clean water rinse, then hang them up to dry over the tub.

Some people have run them through the washing machine. I’d avoid that unless you have one of the front load style washers with no agitator. Hand washing them is easy enough that it’s not worth the machine washing.

The trick with gloves and armor is to wash it before it gets stinky. The stink comes from bacteria. Once the bacteria get happy in the foam and fabric they will be chronically stinky no matter how much you wash them.

I’m with the tub and scrub brush method. I tried machine washing once. The problem with armour is it floats and you have to hold it down. The straps and velcro also tend to get tangled.

I’ve washed my leather Harbinger wrist wraps several times too. They do give off pigment when exposed to detergent.

I hang it all to dry in my garage. The 9 1/2 foot giraffe hanging horizontally from the ceiling makes a great cloths rack.

i throw all my riding crap (including my 661 4x4s) in with my weekly load of laundry. If i wash it all regularly, it doesnt stink much, and so it doesnt get the rest of my clothes smelling bad.

Sometimes ill toss the 4x4s in the dryer too…but they are usually pretty dry already after the spin cycle. I just wanted to make the point that they are dryable but they dont really seem to need it. But then again, i live in a very arrid area.

Ive been machine washing my crap for a couple years. It doesnt make my velcro less sticky or the seams weaker. Its the normal wear and tear of riding with armor on that will eventually do in the armor; not the washing machine.

Fear not, your riding crap is machine washable!!!

P.s. pay attention to tomblackwood’s hint

I always found that putting my 661 4x4s through a wash and dry cycle made the velcro stickier, which is handy since they are kinda falling apart now.

before dropping everything in the washing machine (4x4, kh gloves) I strap
all the velcro tightly so there should not be lots of strange things happening during the wash.
I limit the amount of soap (not using some products) and limit the speed (400 RPM)
the 4x4 do not need to go to the dryer, so only the gloves need some additional drying (low temperature only)

If you’ve got a pair of long rugby socks or other long socks, put your wrist guards inside them to wash. Magic no tangling up action. Same goes for anything else small with velcro on it.


Oh, now you tell us. After my armor smells like it’s been used to sponge-bathe a homeless guy. So, what now, shall I hose down my pads with a can of Raid to kill the little bacteria-buggers?

Once the bacteria get happy in the foam and set up happy little communities they are difficult to evict. Washing will get rid of some of them, but not all of them. The ones that are left will start growing again when they get moist and warm the next time you wear the pads. After a few rides they’ll be all stinky again.

I’m not sure of the best way to wash out or kill the bacteria once they get happy in the foam. Here’s a thread with some ideas: I’ve soiled my armour. I still have not yet tried playing amateur home chemist and make a nitric-oxide fumigation chamber. There are some other ideas for bacteria killing in the thread too. I wonder how the armor would handle very hot (180 degrees F +) water? Would water that hot damage the foam or elastic? A soaking in very hot water for several minutes will kill bacteria. What about using a hand held steam gun type cleaner to steam the armor?

I’ve not really tried anything beyond regular washing and spraying with Febreze antimicrobial. Neither are effective in killing bacteria that are deep in the foam.

Chlorine-based bleach is often effective in removing deep-set bacteria. It will fade colors, so careful on the doseage.