can it be saved?

I have a unistar 20" and i was wondering if i could make this thing a little tuffer, like putin a splined hub on, and longer and better crank arms. Can dis b dun? Also what size (at the biggest)tire can i fit in dis ting? IF you can put up some web sites on parts and stuff if ther is any that would help. :astonished:

Which model unicycle do you have? All four lines of Torker unicycles are called Unistar. If you have a chrome torker, I don’t think it’s worth upgrading. If you have an LX or HD, you can upgrade the hub and cranks, but it will cost you a bit of money. If you have a DX, you already have a splined hub and crank set.

So, tell us what you have and we can tell you what you can upgrade on it.

Re: can it be saved?

Sometimes, its just better to buy a new uni. Do you know what kind of toker it is (CX, LX)?

torkers are 48 spoke wheels you migth consider keeping the frame but i would just buy a new wheel if you plan on upgrading the hub.

oops i forgot to put LX

ok i answered like 8 hours ago plz respond back like you said you would

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Get a splined hub/crank set, you will have to get your wheel re-built so while your at it you should get a fatter rim. So then you’ll need a nice 20x2.5" tire. But this wont fit on your frame so get a new one of those, and you’ll probably want to upgrade to a KH seat aswell…simple!

what he’s saying is… buy a new uni.

Finally you answered! I think im going to get a KH trials 20" yeehaw!!

wait…this is off the subject but what is an HD?

HD is for heavy duty. It was what the LX was called before they were called LX. In other words, they were the first generation Black Torkers.