can it be done? Schlumpf gear on Coker hub

I noticed the Schlumpf hub has 36spokes like the Airfoil rim I have on my Coker. I wonder if the Schlumpf hub can be put into the Airfoil.


It’s certainly possible although you would need to get a special frame for it or possibly modify the frame you currently have. I don’t know a lot about the subject though I do know that the hub has to connect to the frame somehow. Notice those extra bolts on the frame in the closeup shot of the hub in the link you sent.

Yeah, the hub has “torque arms” that need to bolt to the frame. The Nimbus frame apparently has holes just in the right place to hold it though :slight_smile:

The bigger problem, though, is that the hub is insanely narrow - I think more narrow than the standard Coker hub, and this makes for a very weak wheel.

A better bet would be to wait for the KH/Schlumpf geared hub, which will have much wider flange spacing, will be ISIS, and will be stronger.

And yes, it has been done before :slight_smile:

Voila, schlumpf coker. There were several around last summer and no doubt more by now, this frame is actually the early aluminium schlumpf frame that came before clamp one currently available. It’s me riding, but this is actually loosemoose’s. I never really got the hang of it geared up even with the 165mm cranks on it, but loose can ride at coker speeds with a very low cadence.

That’s cool, I didn’t know there were other Schlumpf Cokers at Unicon last summer. I rode Roger Davies’ in the Marathon, finishing in around 2:15.

you missed out on my Schlumpf Penny Farthing at Unicon, that was much easier to ride… :slight_smile: