Can I Use 14 Gauge spokes on a KH or K1 rim?

Can I Use 14 Gauge spokes on a KH or K1 rim?

Yes, the rim doesn’t care.

Can anyone else confirm this?

Can anyone else confirm this?

it is fine…
i think my K1 has 12 ga.?
so it will definitely fit some 14 ga. spokes.

don’t think 12ga would fit, you’d have to use 13g or the holes in the k1 hub would have to be redrilled.

14ga. is fine it’s what I use and so does dan. Do it. I have a koxx undirlled rim and he has a KH05/nimbus but i’ve also done it in a KH07

Yes 14g spokes will fit fine. That is what I have in my Tryall.

Thanks so much for the Help!


Just wondering, are you getting some cut to the length you need? or were you planing on getting an existing size?

you can’t exactly get 13 g spokes or nipples anywhere at all…

nipples is the problem…
nipples is the problem…

I have a Nimbus Trials

So would swapping that rim out for a Kh Work?

i still don’t get why they can’t pull thier ahem… nevermind… ORDER MORE EXTRA NIPPLES!

if ur in europe stocks stock KH nipples + spokes in 13G and sapim koxx nipples and spokes in 13G. So not too hard but it’s still a pain cause if you strip a 14g nipple eveyrbike shop has one if you strip a 13G it’s a trip back home or an order from MDC.