Can I try? OOW

Mark asks:
> Does anyone else out there let other people, (strangers / passers-by) try to
> ride their unis. What are some reasons for and against this practice?

Good question. This happens to me, too. I sometimes ask if they have ever
ridden a unicycle before and explain that it takes more than one or two trys to
get it. If they are persistent and the right height, I may let them have a go
at it. They usually get the idea real fast that you don’t just hop on and go. I
don’t want to leave the impression that they will never learn to ride, just
that you have to stick with it to learn. Reasons for: they have ridden before,
they’re old enough (right size), promote unicycling, … Reasons against: I
don’t want to take the time, they are (appear) irresponsible, … The answer
is: “it depends”

John says:
>get your 20" wheel to go at least 16 MILES per hour (25 kph?)!

And I thought I was flying at 12 MPH on my 20" - another 33% to go :slight_smile:

Thanks to Craig and Steve for the note on why the OOW is taking so long. I was
wondering what was happening. Maybe Redford should get on the net and forward
membership information via email to Steve. When I joined the response as only a
few weeks. I did order the roster that took a long time to arrive (waiting a new
printing that never happened.) When I did get it, half of the Ohio membership
was missing from the state listing. Looked like a printing error. There was no
one close to Cincinnati anyway. :frowning:

– Dirk Iwema Cincinnati, Ohio USA Internet: