Can I make my KH the same colour as the DH Pro Street?

Yea no worries. I dont think it would be worth going to the effort of getting your KH mirror shiny because it wont take long and it will look like all the other “scratchy khs”. like I said mine was pretty shiny but now it is looking pretty dull, scratched and rough but to be honest I dont realy care, still rides as good as it ever did.

And its lighter than the Triton frame by 4 grams! :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, yeah you got that one right.
But seriosly, 4 grams lighter will not improve your riding.

Peter M

I hope you’re being sarcastic…

He’s just jeleous for my sweet ride :roll_eyes:


how shud i go about rawing my aluminium frame exactly…?


give up u cant

lemme add:

raw KHs SUCK they look so tacky and crap… it woz OK when a few people did it and now eveeryone does it and same old boring and looks crap and cheap.


I was kind of hoping there would be a paint that could give the same effect.

I don’t want the DH Pro frame as it’s heavier and probably hits your knees. And I love my KH, I was just thinking it a new look.

I prefer a “raw look” over a “all-over-the-place-scraped-blue look”
But hey, maybe you don’t ride your uni so there will be no scratches on yours.

Peter M

Yea peter I totaly agree. A painted frame will get scratched up whatever and after a while will look scrappy but raw frames can get scratched up and they still dont look much different. I dont realy care though, it doesn’t matter what it look like as long as it rides well.

Are you grinding that rail in your avatar Markus?

Have you decided on what to do about the DH colour Reef??? :thinking:

Yeah it will be too hard and probably too expensive. So I’m going to strip everything I can on my KH, I will call it, ‘The Silver Holm’.

:astonished: Purdy name for a unicycle. :astonished:

I like to think I am :smiley: No its a crap rail, there all the same throughout my school, Its like scafalding and it has big joints down it so its not posible to grind. There is also a six but it has the same type of rail. I dont think there are any grindable rails anywere near me :frowning:

Sorry 'bout the misspelling of your name.
It’s really hard to tell when the pic is so small. It looks like an awesome real that seems pretty easy but apparently not.

No worries.
My rails are like this. With a few joins down the length of them. The joins stick up about 15mm so as soon as the pedal hits them it will stop dead, Im not even going to try because unless you hop over the joints mid grind its always going to end pretty badly.

r rail.jpg

Damn the sucks. Do you grind handrails yet?