Can I make my KH the same colour as the DH Pro Street?

I want to make my KH the same colour as the DH Pro Street. Is it possible? and go to ‘Goods’ then ‘Unicycles’ then 'Street.

If you don’t wanna go to the K1 site, heres some photos of Justin Kohse’s uni.

That’s the colour I want.

It is possible,
sand blast your frame and use some chromo or bronze paint should get that look?
I’m not too sure though. sorry =]
or you could just get a pro painter to do it and show him the pic :stuck_out_tongue:

I might take you up on the because my mummy said the same thing.

Going for the proper natural raw steel look:Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s NOT possible. This is due to KH being aluminium and the DH being chromoly steel.

The rainbow coloured welds on the already naturally dark grey/browny colour of steel come are a result of heatmarks from the welding process. Aluminium doesn’t really get this for reasons engineers on this forum may explain.

Even if you stripped the powdercoating off a coloured steel frame, you wouldn’t see the heatmarks. I don’t know exactly why, but the rainbow welds appear to be a signature trait of “factory-rawed” frames. Many BMX frames look like the DH frame, but tons of people try to replicate it with their already black or whatever colour frames… strip it down, only to find there are no heatmarks and just left with dull grey/brown raw tubing.

Artifical Look, but hey it still counts:
If you really felt like ityou can get it to look like the DH… But it’s effort. Basically do stuff like covering the whole frame in a slightly brown/grey clearcoat. Possibly also have the welds coloured in too somehow… but that’s a lot of effort and may look total poop.

One nice alternative is to get a mirror finish KH, by going one step ahead of the many dozens of scratchy rawed KHs on here. Just get some Autosol or similar metal polish, and rub it into the bare frame. The paste will turn black, but the harder and faster you rub, the shinier the frame gets. You can use an electric drill with a polishing mop stuck on the end to get a more effective mirror look without putting as much effort in. Then get it clearcoated so that the mirror look is locked in and not dulled by the gases in the air.

^That’s been chromed, but doing what I said above will give a near-identical look and finish for aluminium. (NB: The polishing technique I stated above does not work for steel very well)

Damn. Maybe another look then.

What do you have against people that strip their KHs but alow them to get scratched. I dont know about everyone else but the reason I stripped my Kh wasnt to try and make it look nice, I would have got it p-coated some exotic colour if I did. It was because it was getting dented and chipped and was beginiing to look a bit scrappy so I stripped the paint so that when it gets knoked about, scraped and scratched it doesnt look much different. I didnt want to paint it just to let it get scratched up. My frame is pretty shiny, when I first stripped it it was realy shiny but how ever shiny it starts its always going to end up scratched.

i dont think he was talking about yours marcus, the only stripped kh i have seen that looks “scratchy” is probailer2’s and that might just be because he didn’t clearcoat it or anything (im not knocking ur uni peter, i think it looks rugged and pimp almost like the koxx effect on a kh)

You could always just buy the frame,
and i doo recomend this store.

the kh frame is LOADS lighter than the DH frame, not as nice on the tireclearence end but it makes up for it

Well, if you see me riding sometime you will get why it’s scratched :roll_eyes:
It happens like every ride that my frame will “rub” against some concrete or wood.
But now I use some coper/alloy polische once in a while.
Anyway, thanks for the “compliment” :roll_eyes:
Realy weird that people remember my uni :thinking:

Peter M

i could never forget “The Orange Holm”

Hahaha, lol.
Well your in my signature now :sunglasses:
Needed a new quote anyways :roll_eyes:

Peter M

lol thats great…i thought that might be quoted after i said it…lol

What! Koxx Effect on a KH. Thats rediculous, everyone knows KHU are like the nerds of the unicycle world. They work great but look like Sh*t

apperantly you havn’t seen “The Orange Holm”, its practically a Koxx1 ;), and i think that the stripped frames, sanded sidewalls and shaved tires make KH’s look pretty good

naw i’ve seen it, it does look borderline “sick”

I think that’s a compliment :roll_eyes:

Peter M

Yea I know its just he has said it quite a few times in different threads and I was just sort of saying. If it sounded like I was having a rant or somthing, well uh I wasnt.

“Scratchy rawed KHs”

Simply emhpasising that stripping it bare leaves it looking rugged and slightly scratchy in appearance. I’ve done this with a few biketrials frames, and autosol’ing it just makes it look better. It’s down to personal preference, but it is true to the word ‘scratchy rawed KHs’… they are raw, they do look scratchy,… when freshly stripped. It’s not a travesty, but that’s just the way it is.

I wasn’t having a dig at your uni Sparky Marky haha, I think it’s pretty sweet in all areas, (except for silver sidewalls… ergh :p). But it’d be cool to see a properly mirror-look KH for once, and maybe some more black ones. Toooooooooo many blues and scratchy raws. :slight_smile:

London ride tomorrow if anyone’s up for it. 11am London Eye area… PM me.