Can I learn on a 28/29?

I am about to order my first unicycle. I am considering ordering a
larger than usual unicycle for a beginner because I think that it will
serve my needs better in the end. Once I learn, I plan on riding it on
a nearby cycling/walking trail. I think that a larger wheel would be
best for this. What is the largest wheel that anyone has learned how to
ride on? I am 6’5" tall and I believe that I shouldn’t have too much
trouble learning on a 29" wheel. Does it sound feasible to lean on a
29"? I also own and ride a penny farthing with a 52" wheel!


Much to everyone’s surprise, Scott Kurland learned to ride on a Coker which has a 36" wheel. Search the forum for references but in particular THIS THREAD which Scott started some time ago.

No one has bid on this 28" Sem on e-bay yet:

Good Luck!

Re: Can I learn on a 28/29?

Thanks everyone for the response. I’m quite amazed that someone can
learn how to ride on a Coker!


Yes, you can learn on a 28. And a 28 is a good distance machine, and will roll over a lot of obstacles. Many people would say a 24 is the best all round size, but as you are tall, a 26 might be more versatile. I keep my 28 for pure road/flat trail use, with short cranks. With longer cranks, it would do most things I would ask of it.
It’s easier to stay on a big uni, but harder to get on inthe first place. Enjoy.