Can i have tips on making a video?

Hi, im gonna make a street unicycling video and wondering if you could give me tips like, what music? how long should i go for? got anything to say about editing it? where should i do it?

Yea blah yea ya… so tips…

Buy a decent editing software like pinnacle or something. windows movie maker is a big hassle.
A decent video camera helps; dont use a digital camera with a video function.
As for music just go with your personal taste for music, but make it somewhat upbeat. It is your movie
Four minutes give or take is a decent length for a clip after all editing is done.
Film all over the place. You don’t have to be just in one area make it interesting

My 2 cents;)

windows movie maker>pinnacle anyday

if your gonna BUY editing software get something good like sony vegas 8

and also, if its your first video unless your doing 5th flips and 7spins keep it under 3 minutes

Try filming from low camera angles. It gets across to the viewer the height of stuff better. If your filming a jump film it side on to show the distance. Use the ground, a wall or a tripod if possible to put the camera on. Footage looks much better if the camera is perfectly still. Keep the camera focused on the object so that you can ride into and out of frame. It usually looks better than if the camera follows you. Film with the sun behind the camera. Keep each clip short. It looks smoother if the video goes from clip to clip quickly without all the hopping in between. I’d go for music without too much vocals in it. Try not to spend too much time on titles and credits and stuff unless it’s entertaining in some way. Try and stick something in that people might find amusing. People doing fantastic stuff is always impressive but a few bails or something similar lightens up a video a bit.

Most of these are probably common sense. I’m probably a hypocrite as my videos are nothing special. I’m just trying to help.

ohh and watch agentQ’s videos, he IMO has the best edited videos on the forum

Film lines, not tricks. Riding in, hopping down a little flight of stairs, stoping to pop a unispin and then riding out looks much better than a 2 second static clip of popping a unispin on its own. If you can pop a couple of good tricks in one shot then so much the better. I presume your uni skills aren’t going to set the world alight so maybe consider adding another element to make your video stand out, some comedy, a theme or a plot. I’ve seen great uni videos that actually had pretty average riding in them, and on the flip side videos with very technical stuff that was boring as hell to watch.

Don’t set it to angry music, you’ll immeadiatly lose half the audience, Punk is fine, metal etc. (as much as i love it) will just turn a whole load of people off.

Thanx that helps alot. I am going to rent a decent video camera from radio rentals for bout $10.00 (AUS) a week and ill only need it for a week. As for my music im picking a hip hop-ish kind of song like- Nosebleed section (hiltop hoods), High Road (fort minor), stop the music (scribe) or Not Many (scribe). my windows movie maker has stuffed up (i have windows vista version) so ill try and download a better movie maker. 4 mins sounds good. Ill try to film all over the place but i don’t know where else besides skatepark and a playground parkish reserve thing.

My bro is gonna film it and i mite buy a camera stand or lend one from frends

Theres usually some good stuff in town centres although there are more security guards and when your running round with someone else’s camera it might not be wise. I heard of cameras being confiscated and stuff.

Go somewhere that youv’e never been before. You might find some new and interesting spots.

Have fun shelling out 500 some dollars.

acually you can get vegas for 350.00

pinnical sucks, wmm is as good if not better

i used adobe premier elements 4.0 and thats allright but if your gonna spend a hundred bucks you might as well get something alot better (vegas)

wait, what?

Gonna BUMP this one back up!
Are there any half-decent editing programs that you can download for free? I presume Windows Movie Maker is free? But can you get better for free?!
I have never filmed anything then edited it, but it would be nice to do, just for things like games of stack it up and so on.

The riding, variety, originality, sense of fun, maybe some humor thrown in, all makes for an enjoyable video, whether it’s edited with wmm (which I use cuz it’s just so darn easy!) or the most expensive program.

The CONTENT of the video is the most important part, not tons of special effects and cool looking credits. Not that there’s anything wrong with that lol!:smiley:

You can buy a mac, i movie comes with it for free.:stuck_out_tongue:

Like Terry said, the video is about the content. Keep in mind how you share the content makes a big difference. Do you want your viewer to feel relaxed and in aww, or on the edge of there seat drooling. The type of music you use, the transitions you pick, when to fade in or out of black, when to cut with no transition, when the song breaks, is there blood, is there humor, is there anger, speeding up clips, slowing down clips… all things to think about when sharing your vision so whoever is watching doesn’t have a chance to think for themselves you want to make up their mind for them.

Of course personal preference will come into play a bit, but a good movie will have the same effects on all ages of all types of people. The more you practice the better you will get at getting your audience to see what you want them to see and not what they think about whats in front of them.

But if he already has a PC, wmm comes with that.:slight_smile: (And well said in your above post Agent Q! [Sam])

Or if he has a PC, he can easily download torrents, and get the complete adobe package, or any other program. :wink:

I’m pretty sure my computer didn’t come with it. I’m on my girlfriends pc and I didn’t think she had it, but it turns out she does. So, maybe I do have it on my pc. I’ll check when I go home next week.
Cheers for suggesting this, I wouldn’t have thought I’d just have it!

  1. don’t do the same tricks over and over again
  2. don’t use the same obstacle/scene over and over, unless it really is that cool.
  3. don’t use the same shot every time.

also try to keep a sense of flow to the whole movie, and try to make the shots+tricks+scene+music all going together.