Can I get some definitions here?

What is a MUNI and what does UPD stand for. I am starting a clowning
business and I am planning to get a unicycle. My ultimate goal is to learn
to juggle while riding it.


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A MUni is a Mountain Unicycle. Most of the people riding here participate in some form of that part of unicycling. I’ve always wondered myself what UPD stands for. I’m sure you could find out by searching the forums.



UPD means either UnPlanned Dismount or Unidentified Police Detective, it depends on how and where you happen to be riding at the time.


By the way, would you email me privately? I have some questions and needs with which you might be able to help me. My email address is yoopers at Thanks.

welcome dave
good to have another one around here

good luck with the clown bussiness (doesn’t ‘bussiness’ sound a bit serious to be added to the word ‘clown’? maybe 'enterprise/initiative/undertaking?)

dont let the clown-bashers on the forum get u down
there r still some of us around who do not believe that all clowns are reincarnated evil
just some of the better ones