Can I fix it?

So a few minutes ago I was doing jumps off my back porch, and I was coming down from one really awkwardly so I let it fall behind me instead of landing it, and I ended up sliding off the seat in a way that put a lot of pressure on the nose of the saddle, and it bent the shaft forwards.

I don’t have a quality camera to take a picture but it’s basically just bent like this:
(saddle) vvv

||…<<< shaft

So can it be bent back somehow, or do I need to order a new one? Also my dad has a vice if that helps.

it’s never going to be as strong as new but you can try to bend it back and pound a wooden dowel into the midle of the seatpost to re-enforce it.

I would probably replace it as soon as I could though.

if it is steel, you may be able to bend it back, if it is aluminum, it may snap if you try to straighten it. If aluminum does not snap once bent back, it will eventually snap anyway. Steel may bend again, or shear later when you land another trick. Buy a stronger post and replace it. if the seat isn’t there when you land it, or it shears during landing, you will have bigger problems. Be safe and have fun. Replace that seat post.