Can I build a BC out of 20 inch trials wheel.

I have a spare qu ax splined wheel, complete, but bits r dented on it quie badly but i am wondering is there a way of simply welding the plates to the bearings or something like that.

grateful for any advice

lucas x

there might be a way, but you’d be better off putting a hub like an hazard on there. Evan will probably now more about this, he welds.

You would be way better off shipping the unicycle to me and then buying a cheap Bmx 20" rim.

I doubt the bearing aren’t designed for extreme side loads, it shouldn’t would work for long. Besides, you would sacrifice a unicycle when you could do away with a bike!

I’m sure there would be a expensive way to make it doable, but why not simply buy a expensive BC wheel?

If you made a bc wheel out of a uni wheel it would mean attaching bc plates to the bearings which would mean that each one would move individually. I also don’t think that the bearings would be able to withstand the sideways forces on them.

I was about to reply exact the same.

I think you better buy Odyssey “Hazard Hub”, which has 4 bearings. And then complete it by buying those nice platforms of Bedford unicycles

cheers guys, ill probably just build a spare trials then with all my spares

Lucas, that’s 2 wheels, I believe that’s called cheating.

lol ah ya cort me, bloody detective lol still coming buc