Can Bunny Hop Onto Things... What Next?

Hey guys, just spent the evening trying to bunny hop sideways onto things like curbs and stairs on my 24" nimbuss II. And got the hang of it :slight_smile: I understand bunny hopping is sort of the baseline to many tricks so what do you guys recommend I try and get the hang of next?

Callum :slight_smile:

  • Jump onto higher things (get a high jump target and beat it).
  • Jump further (get a long jump target and try to beat it)
  • Do it Seat In (SI) and Seat In Front (SIF)
  • Rolling hop onto whatever it is you're jumping onto

From there, you should find it easier to learn tricks if that’s what you’re after, or improve at trials or street, or anything else you’d want to jump for.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I find it hard to jump any higher than a high curb, this may be to do with the fact I’m only 14 and using a 24" or will it just come with practice?

Yes, it’ll come with practice. I’m only 14 too, and I’ve been practising jumping on a 26" MUni. For sidehops, lean lots and push down hard. The rest will come with practice…

Ohh okay, it’s cool talkin to someone as young as me on here :slight_smile:


Get yourselves on the UK forums. Loads more UK riders to chat to on there.
We’re thinking of starting up the big city trials/street rides of 2006/7, would be cool to get some new faces out. Best way to learn new stuff is riding with other people :slight_smile:

Opps, forgot the link!

-cut down pre-hops
-hop switch foot
-still stands
-the early tricks in one of the beginner OUT games.
-basic flat/freestyle/street/trials/Muni skills (see signature)

Cheers for the great replys :smiley:

I’ll keep evangelising the levels, they’re a good basis, and keep you challanged. Also have a look at the new levels.