can anyone name my unicycle?

My uncle owns a bike shop, so when i told him that i wanted to get into unicycling he showed me a couple, and i picked one. i wanted to ride offroad and possibly trials so i picked the 20" with 2.5" wheel. it doesnt say anything on the fork but the rims are alexrims DX 32’s. here’s a picture of it. could you take a look and possibly identify it for me?


that’s a stumper!

dunno either, but i like it

thanks guys! im gonna try and look up some more info on it.

Why, that there looks like a Nimbus Trials!

It looks like a square tapered hub, so maybe a nimbus? But it does have different cranks and seatpost clamp…

Doesn’t Bedford have one similar to that?

Hey! did you buy that in Canada from a bike shop? The local one here sells them (2.5" luna tire, that incredibly crappy quick adjust, alex dx rim, 125(127?) mm square taper cranks, and plastic pedals), for 200$. They’re pretty decent unicycles once you replace the seat and the seatpost clamp.

fake edit: okay, it did come from a bike shop.

if it’s the uni I think it is, it’s from a noname supplier in Quebec. they also sell 5’ giraffes and a really really crappy 20" uni, but in both cases Torker is a way better value. Your uni is pretty awesome when the seat clamp and seat are replaced though.


Yup, that’s exactly what it is… And what I started with for that matter but now my unicycle is the somewhat (in?)famous Poopcycle.

what does the 20" uni look like? i got a no name 20" from some bike shop that they had to order, so its quite possible its from that place too.

I was gonna say bedford light duty. looks like one. Exact same setup as mine except for the cranks and hub and pedals. But i wasn’t to sure. Well, i’m stumped. Lol, the big ol’ fat tire and little tiny taper cranks kinda crack me up.

Yeah…I agree…

I dunno about it being a Nimbus. I’m no expert and maybe the angle of the picture is throwing me… But the crown of the Nimbus looks like it has steeper angles on the crown between the seat tube and the fork legs than tyler’s.

Trevor. It deffinitely looks like a trevor to me.

Seriously though, that looks like the Nimbus II (non extra-wide frame) i.e. constant cross-section of upright, uprights capped with welded in plates rather than plastic plugs. Looks like Lasco cranks, if it isn’t a Nimbus it looks as good as, apart from the seatpost clamp.

I just looked at my nimbus and it’s the exact same frame. he probably changed the bolt clamp. More pics would help

Two of my friends own unis just like this, it’s not a nimbus trials. It’s an off brand Canadian uni, with parts borrowed from god knows where. They come from one of the standard suppliers to most bike shops, at least in my area.

Thanks for all of the replies! Here is a link to my album with a pic of my seat.
Do you think that I should get a better one? If so, what kind? I don’t know much about uni parts.


can anyone name my unicycle

I’ll call it fred.


ha ha good one. but i think that i’ll call him mantooth instead. i’m gonna start a thread about unicycle names. it’ll be in just conversation.

there’s been plenty of threads 'bout it already…but go ahead!



I have a unicyle which is similar to yours except that it’s a 24" one. Bought it in Singapore for a little more than 120 USD. Some of my unicyling friends there said that it’s a Yuni, but I’m not sure where they got that name from. Does anyone know?

My 24" unicycle was made by a Taiwanese company, which if I’m not mistaken, actually makes the Coker too. You can see some of their own models at this link:

Your model looks like model BY-907B except that you have the Alex DX 32 rim, which they use on some of their models, and which is what I have too.